Caricature unappreciation thread




No surprise to see Tomic defeated - He’s win was getting through qualifying on his worst surface clay.



That’s pretty poor form by Chip. As Yaco said, Tomic worst surface is clay and the fact he even bothered to go through the qualifying and win through to the main draw shows he is at least trying to improve.


Bernie has a good surface?


I know it’s his worst surface but GOOD GRIEF losing to some journeyman with no practice/sleep


Tomic is ranked 206 and his opponent is ranked 190 - And of course his opponent is an Argentinian who was brought up on clay - For those who follow tennis this result is no major surprise - Will add that when Tomic was a top 50 player, he was probably the worst of this group on clay - Anyway Tomic needs to keep chipping away and aim to reach the top 100 by the end of the year.


Serena in an eye-catching outfit!




Has set up an intriguing clash with Ash Barty in the next round.


Love it.


Just watching a replay of Ash Barty playing Serena. Serena in a black catsuit.

Disbelief is the predominant reaction.



Diggers must be shattered with Serena pulling the pin before her game against Sharapova


Le Coq


Good to see del Potro go through and back in form, he’s my and @em2009’s boy.

Also my boy Novak in good form again after some injury issues


Novak bundled out by Cecchinato who will now play Thiem in the semi after he thrashed Zverev


Boy oh boy - kiss of death from Crazy_Bomber right there


Hiding from the drug testers again?


Dance floor.