Caricature unappreciation thread




Cecchinato is a 25 year old journeyman who has never won a match in a GT - It must be his week - Good to see Zverev make the QF for the first time in his career - Its a small step forward.


Halep is a worse screecher than Sharapova and also not very good looking. Volume is zero watching this. Bring on Rafa.


well I liked it


That was a sensational match.


Garbine in all black outfit.

Es bueno.


mujer muy sexy


Refreshing to be able to watch Keys/Stephens play without having my hearing assaulted.


Well deserved victory to Simona Halep.

Finally breaks the drought.


Yep, am pleased she’s been able to snag one.


Cracking first set, Rafa battling hard but Thiem looks to have too much firepower


Decided if Rafa wins the 1st 1 I’m off, Thiem made quite a fist of it, but I reckon that’s that … not worth putting up with the grunting now.


Rafa wins in straight sets :1st_place_medal:


uh huh, … yawn


Come on, it’s a feat that may never be seen again in our lifetime let alone possibly again.
It’s great to have witnessed two of the greats go at it head to head in our lifetime and there is still life left in both of them it seems. Experts were writing their eulogies for Rafa and Federer only a couple of years ago but both have shown they aren’t ready to ride off into the sunset just yet


Point taken, but Nadals antics and noises drive me spare, … and also, … I just prefer a contest.

Clay tennis is already hard enough to watch, … it’s excruciatingly dull when it’s a one way street.

Good on him though.


I love the clay and last nights first set was an absolute belter. I honestly thought we would get atleast 4 sets like that but Thiem really dropped his bundle after he lost the first set.
No secret I’m a massive Rafa fan but antics last night even had me cursing him a few times


I guess he just wanted to…


Glad to see Sam have a good run this week.


That’s hilarious