Caricature unappreciation thread


True blue Australian. Legend


his arms look like toothpicks.


Fined $23,000 by the ATP for that effort.


CHANNEL 9 is getting the tennis a year early after securing a deal with Tennis Australia and Channel Seven.

The new deal means that Nine has extended its contract to televise the major Australian tennis events to six years starting January 2019.

Nine has agreed to pay $48.5 million to secure the extra year, less than the $60 million it paid for 2020 to 2024.


worth every cent


seminal moment in his career…


Yes, … never thought he’d get hard enough to pull a thing like that off myself.


Is he like 14 years old?


Improved his ranking…that is, if you have an upper-class English speech impediment.


How the hell is Nick 6th favourite for Wimbledon?


By not providing the cream for the strawberries and cream?


Men’s tennis is full of hard court players and Rafa, Murray and Joker are all vulnerable. It’s really time for Raonic, Zverev or Dimitrov to step up and Nick has more talent than all of them. I doubt his body will hold up for 2 weeks of hard tennis but on grass if he stays fit he can serve most players off the court.


Kyrgios shouldn’t be in the top 10 favorites - Has a good draw and the QF’s is a distinct possibility.


Love Krygios, watching all the over serious media and people clawing at the chance for a story or sit on their high horse telling how bad a human he is makes it all the more funnier.


I agree Crazy One.

I laughed out very loud when I saw his antic with the water bottle. Sense of humour is a rare commodity today.


I thought it was hilarious also.

Australian larrikinism is dead and buried unfortunately.


He really demonstrate his ■■■■■…or is it just a spoof story?


Geez watching Bouchard playing in a qualifier, wtf happened to her ranking.

Looking might fine though in white, oh baby.


Lots of Aussies playing tonight.

Genie playing Barty right now.


I dont want to harp on it but again I’ve turned on the tv and again Bouchard is playing and she’s looking resplendent in all white.

My oh my.