Caricature unappreciation thread


Ash the Barty just broke back, nice work.

Eugenie really is a good looking girl. But she can nick off.


Gavrilova gave Stosur a fair hiding


Ash Barty beating the player who offers a lot but delivers very little.


Nice work Ash.


Bouchard just coming back from injury?
She has had a fairly solid career


She had a solid start and then fell away.


Anyone who uses ‘like’ unnecessarily in sentences would be 14 or less too. :slight_smile:


Di Minaur looks better every time I see him play, some real talent there


All the channels in the world and they have to keep cutting back and forward between matches.


Cilic (3) gone. Stan the Man gone.


Muguruza gone, really opens up the draw for Barty now




I saw the footage and was pi55ing myself laughing. He can have some embarrassing moments but he is not as bad as the media makes out. Nowhere near as bad as Mcnroe. Imagine that flog with social media? He’d make Trump sound like a recluse.


Barty party


What the hell Barty?! I turned it over when she was 4-1 up in the first.


De Minaur fought hard, but lost in 3 sets comfortably to Nadal. Ebden out in 4 sets to Simon and Barty knocked out too.


Are Gavrilova and Kyrgios still in?


Dashas in trouble.

Kyrgios later.


Nick was smashed, very poor


Federer choked big time. How many times has he ever lost after winning the first two sets?