Caricature unappreciation thread


Wow really?

I should have stayed tuned. Switched off thinking it was another Federer done deal.


Rafa v Novak semi.


For her talent she has under-achieved.



Didn’t expect that.


I like how when one of these two gets a point off the other server the crowd murmurs “ohhhh wow”


Anderson wins it 26-24 in the 5th. Just over 6 1/2 hours.
Rafa and Joker locked at a set each


Rafa choked in the tie break after twice having set point. Long way back now


Some cracking tennis though


I doubted whether Novak could ever get back to his best. He Seems pretty close to it now


I saw Anderson play on about court 20 at the AusOpen five or so years ago. Seeing a serve that big up close is a scary thing.

Have followed him since and really hope he goes all the way, more than just a serve bot.


Can’t imagine any athlete could back up after KA’s last 2 matches and beat rafa or nadal in the final. Unless he can play 3 amazing tie-breaks and win 3-0 and that would be 50-1.


The Kevin Anderson-John Isner slog was tennis at its absolute worst

I am curled in a ball in the corner of my couch, trembling. It’s dark. The sun rose long ago; in fact, soon it will begin its descent over the New York City skyline. I’m sure it will be quite beautiful, hues of opalescent orange, yellow, red, and purple, slowly trickling across the blue-gray sky. It usually is. And, tonight … tonight I get to see that sunset. Because it’s over. Mercifully, blessedly, impossibly, Kevin Anderson and John Isner are no longer playing tennis.

Well, that’s not quite right. That wasn’t tennis. That was a slog—a six-and-a-half-hour slog to be exact—in which the two gangliest lads on the ATP tour bludgeoned serve after serve into the frame of each other’s racquets to decide a spot in the finals of the most esteemed tennis tournament on earth. It was fun for a spell, if only because of how evenly matched the two seemed: Each of the first three sets were decided by tiebreak, Isner was moving to net with purpose, and Anderson’s pass game appeared as on point as when he toppled no. 1 seed Roger Federer two days ago.


That was such a cr*p wankerish story, basically the guy is sooking because the guys don’t play a baseline slogfest? The guys are tall so of course they’re going to nail their serves. It takes all types and I enjoy both Anderson/Isner. In fact both are great blokes who’ve fought so hard to get there.


Dunno, as a spectacle, it was only good because it was tight.
Huge serves and not much else. Fell asleep midway through the 3rd.


It takes a huge amount of skill to nail your serves every point, why would they want bruising 30 shot rallys? People complaining that it wasn’t a good enough spectacle when I’m not sure either player cares if they’re holding up the Nadal/Novak game. Both are decent shot makers just both horrible defensive players, but certainly not Karlovic bad.


Wheres @Diggers for his Mrs’ coronation for title 24?


Hiding in a panic room :rofl:


Giving her a massage.


Yeah, I’m working Novak pretty hard too.


Hope the Serb prevails then gets impaled by the Saffa 31-29 in the 5th.

On a serious note, Anderson’s run is another example of years and years of effort coming to glorious fruition.

I love it when a trier has a two-week moment.