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Nice GTR


In car news apparently toyota are going to make a mini landcruiser.

Something I assume sits under the prado but can be taken off road.

Thats cool because a new prado/landcruiser will cost upwards of 70-130k+

So a more affordable 4x4 is pretty sweet thats also a step up in comfort from a jimny


What is the Kluger then? The RAV4?

Rav4 is kluger size.

The old ones are pretty tiny.

I guess most car models gradually get larger over time or each generation.

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look at the mk2 golf compared to the barge it is now

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The theory is that people get older and have families and need bigger cars. Doesn’t alllow for people getting even older and no longer needing space for children.


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isnt the mini landcruiser just like the toyota fj cruiser that was discontinued.


and that’s what my missus now has, good call. She drove to dinner tonight and I had to hold her handbag because there’s nowhere else to put it.

P.S. her first car was a MK1 Golf in horrible mustard.

they’re gone now but the abarth 124 spider is art


I think its a generational thing. Many people buy a car and keep replacing it with the same one. They want those sticky customers to spend more each time they turn their vehicle over.

Hence more car, more money.

Take toyota. The yaris cross is the new corolla cross is the new rav4 is the new prado price wise.

Keep upsizing you and charging you for the privilege.

nah the lunacy is when someone goes from a golf gti/wrx and says ‘i need a family car’ its a 5 seat hatch/sedan your family will fit.

The original 124s from the 70s were art. If you can find one not rusted to pieces


the nd mx5 reskin

Im not sure if thats the actual car the first one. Its just some guy drawing a car thinking this is what toyota will make given the new landcruiser released in the states.

Found this today on it.

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Enjoy the whiplash in that thing if you crash.

If you have seen an original 124(esp a bc which is my fav) up close and good condition.

Subtly such a beautiful car.

Its a shame you have to spend such a lot of money on a new car with such style, because your right. Completely non sensible. Sunday driver only cars that old.