Cars - Starting with new Lamborghini


How nice is the new Lambo…?!

Still one of the great engine sounds too. Embedded video in the link shows the entire record lap of 6:52. Pretty cool.


Anyone had experience with VW Passat or Skoda Octavia?

I’m hearing VW a chance of buying a lemon, and Skoda terrible resale.

That aside both cars kind of fit the bill for what I need.


Don’t go to the dealer on Nepean Highway. Bunch of Carltons.


The old 2000 Forester is nearly dead and have been searching around and a SUV really suits my needs.
Saw this today locally

A 2011 Audi Q5 TFSI Auto quattro

Just in my budget and seems like a good price, thoughts Blitzer’s?


we’ve got a car thread which might be better to use.

Audis are premium cars and pretty nice, maintenance is a bit more and if something breaks it will naturally cost you more, but generally the ride and driving feel will far outclass most things out of japan and the like.

You’ll want to get it properlyinspected and be careful of DSG cars as when they break (especially out of warranty) good luck.


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Well the 8-speed automatic interests me, only ever had one auto before an HQ. But seems big for a 4 cyclinder 2.0T .


Drove one all over Europe, smooth as silk, great on fuel.

Have friends here with Audis and they have no service issues, better than BMW and Mercs. We are now well and truly Lexus people, but Audi was on our list


Good to hear, cheers!


I had an Audi once.

Very much once, as within 24 hours I’d written it off on the Black Spur.

Hopefully the brakes you’re looking at are a bit less spongey.


Spongey floors = good
Spongey brakes = bad


DJR street racin?


20yo Audi 100, rubbish brakes, first time driving the Spur, negative superelevation, and a little oil presumably dropped by a logging truck.

If you’ve been on that that road, it’s the bend where the dynamic warning sign now is…


Ok look out for spongy brakes anything else ?


He had an audi before it got bought out by VW, completely different cars now.


VW Amarok?


The people i know with them like them.

With most cars its up to you to decide what you like after a test drive.

All my life i’ve wanted a gt4 celica but then i drove one and that dream was shattered.


Spongy floors in cars aren’t good either :slight_smile:

Check for rust (shouldn’t be an issue in a 2011 car but you never know), check for previous accidents, look for service history (which is all there according to the ad).

Remember servicing will cost more that the Forester because AUDI not Subaru and your out of warranty so if something goes wrong $$$

Don’t know anything about the Q5 so don’t know of any specific issues.

Good luck


Just on parts and costs. A lot of brands are getting exorbitent. Best off finding an hour independent mechanic for your car.


Wandered around Skoda for 15 minutes, got in and out of 3 different cars, twice each. Took photos of every model I liked and colours, walked outside looked around came back in.

You’d think a sales person or someone would’ve popped over to say hello? Nope.


Looked at similar cars recently for the wife. The rounded corners of the Audis seem to encroach a lot on the cabin space making it feel cramped. We got a new VW Tiguan instead; same motor basically and a spacious really well finished car.

P.S. I’m sticking with my 2003 Subaru Outback H6, I can’t seem to find a car I like better despite having the funds.