Cars - Starting with new Lamborghini


France banning all petrol and diesel cars sales by 2040. Wanting to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Volvo and BMW have recently made press releases regarding offering new models in hybrid or fully electric.

A bit of change on its way.


So I might end up getting a commodore. As boring as it sounds, current special on SV6 $40K. gets a pretty decent car that will tick most boxes, can tow, fairly familiar, big enough to not be destroyed by a toorak tractor in a collision. the new European version looks pretty pox, but V6 AWD could be worth having


Nothing wrong with the latest Commodore in fact its a great car, have one myself except with the bigger engine and 3 pedals.


Yeah looks like I can’t get a manual option in SV6? And the wife would not appreciate the V8, nor the neighbours I guess. Some of the online reviews from the US really rate the V8. Must be one of the best value cars on the market.


V8 commodores are way quieter than p-plate sv6s withwhatever the ■■■■ they do do the exhaust.


That’s the beauty of the current model, I can make the exhaust quieter at the push of the button :slight_smile:

Dollar for dollar performance wise its great value, not many sub 5 second 0 - 100 cars for under $52,000 that fit 5 adults in comfort with a large boot space.


So the Koenigsegg Agera RS just set a new record

0 to 400km/h then back to 0

in 36 seconds

Mind Blown


Devon Smith can do that. Oh, wrong thread :slight_smile:


first 2nd hand tesla model 3 in usa going for 150k.

tesla fanboys are everything thats wrong with technology enthusiasts.


And because i haven’t said it for a while.

musk is a shitstain of a human being.


I guess the Apple fanboys needed a new cult to adopt.


Only it’s not for sale.



The new one is yes.


Whats he done that’s so shitstaining?

Good on him for putting money and smart people together.


I’d love an electric.

If it went 400 clicks without a charge.
And I could get it under 50k drive away.


Hello lovely Blitzers! Looking for info about car window tinting in Melbourne. Any recommendations? Anyone to steer clear of?



Pretty much everyone i know (melbourne’s west) got it done by tint-a-car and no peeling, dealers? peeled after a year.

edit; but like everything, thoroughly inspect.


If I owned this car I certainly would not want see-through doors :joy:


Anyone bought anything lately?

I need to replace my car within 5 months, and there’s just nothing inspiring that ticks enough boxes.

If the Skoda Octavia was AWD I’d get one, not sure about towing a trailer with FWD.

Just drove a new commodore wagon, it’s a bit too big and just feels 5 years old already.

Maybe the Golf R wagon? But it’s probably too small inside, and most VWs I see are driven by hosers.

If I wanted a 4x4 I’m sure there’s be a decent amount to choose from.

(1st world problems)