Cars - Starting with new Lamborghini


Octavia RS is awd isn’t it?

Nevermind. If you want awd/ 4wd get a Subaru.


What about the Subaru Levorg? I was looking at updating my Outback but the new models have grown to tank size, the Levorg looks like the same size as the old Outback.


Sounds like something a soccer mom would do.


Yeah I wanted the Levorg (grovel spelt backwards) to be the car to go with. Have you seen it? It’s got all sorts of things going on with the front end, and I think its average under the bonnet.

Spent half of today looking online, and I think I’m going to go with a Golf R Wagon. Plenty quick, AWD, can tow a little trailer, and not too big. Not a manual, but I can live with auto.


I just bought a Kia Cerato, picked it up on Monday. My last car was nearly at 407,000 km… just reached 120km in this one!!!

Soooooo lovely to drive :slight_smile:


Did you get the members discount or cash back thing they had a while back?


Unfortunately missed out! Got an amazing deal anyway though. There’s a lady at the club that will hunt out the best price for the Kia you want (great service!!) but I was able to smile nicely at the salesman and get a price that she said yep, get it!


Yes I quite like the Levorgs but yes I have concerns about the motor; my outback is a 3 litre 6 which I’m reluctant to let go of. My wife has a new VW Tiguan which is pretty much a golf on stilts, the interiors are almost identical. Nice car.


Wife has the specB 2009? Liberty, goes like Isles on rails, I’ve had a few of the newer shapes ones. Looks like a Camry, not great to drive.

Liberty used to be a good bang for buck car. Reckon Skoda will replace them, heaps of them in northcote.

So keen to get my car now that I’ve decided


I’m going back to a CX9. Ordered it early October and it’s supposedly on the production line. Hoping to get it before Christmas.


I’m looking for a new car now too, more sedan, and love the look/package of the Skoda Octavia.

I was maybe thinking of a Liberty, did you have a more recent model? You still wouldn’t recommend?

Also what about the Skoda Superb wagon for you. A bit bigger, but similar styling to the Octavia and still probably compares favorably on pricing with the VW.


If you want something a bit more exclusive than the R wagon, have a look at the Wolfsburg version

Only an extra $2500 over the regular R wagon, but you would easily recoup that on resale when it comes time to trade in or sell down the track, due to it’s limited production run


Yeah I have the second most recent Subaru. They’re no way near as high quality as they used to be (for the top model) but they’re 25% cheaper than they were a decade ago.

Main reason for ditching Subaru after 5-6 of them was that it lurches when I put it in D when it’s cold, the service guy told me it was my fault and I need to let my car idle for 15 minutes before I drive off.

They are still pretty good cars, and great value for money. I love the AWD (though not sure if I’ve ever ‘needed’ it)

The Skoda Octavia is pretty awesome car IMO. My only issues are that it’s FWD, the wing on the sedan looks a bit naff, and if you’ve ever gone into a dealership, good luck finding anyone that is interested in selling you one.

The superb is a bit bigger, and the top end one comes with AWD, but it pushes the price up a fair bit.

Also, I’m concerned the Skoda would depreciate pretty quickly, though most cars are a bust these days once you drive them out.


this sounds rubbish.

also worrying about depreciation with new cars is futile, get a 1-2 year preowned upper spec car if it bugs you.


That’s the one that piqued my interest, but it’s a fair amount for a little car, then the R is a step lower, but they have this Aus only Golf R Grid, which has the smaller infotainment system and cloth seats instead of leather. Brings price down to $52k

$60k Wolfsburg
$57.5 Golf R
$52 Golf R Grid


get a 3 10 year old rs6. do it.


Anyone got a decent car broker? My walk up strategy isn’t working so well.


Ended up buying a car that I had my eye on in Tassie. Three emails, one phone call. Done. It should be on a boat next week. Here is some stock photos. VW Golf Wolfsburg.


Nice one, a mate got one and it’s a rocket.


Shhhhh. My wife might be listening…it’s a family wagon…

but yes, it’s a bit of a sleeper