Cars - Starting with new Lamborghini


The safety features are excellent and I hear the 4wd traction is very reliable and safe. I also hear there is a lit makeup mirror in the sun visor. Rates very highly with the ladies :wink:


Ok car buffs, I am finally looking at saying goodbye to my 2000 Hilux SR5. I am looking at getting a 4wd dual cab again. What are the best options on the market from around 2013-2016? Don’t want brand new.
Want good towing capacity, mostly work/camping use but needs to be a reliable day to day car as well.
Budget is preferably under $30K so have been looking at Tritons, Rangers and D-Max.
Thanks in advance.



So does anyone make fast small cars anymore except for Subaru and Audi, wtf happened to the Mitsubishi EVO?
The VW is just a dressed down Audi.


Actually it’s the other way around.
The small Audis are just a VW in a ballgown


Amarok are the best, especially the auto. People say ranger but I didn’t think that was as good.


Rangers are pretty good.
Interior is cheap though.
And a good spec Amarok is pretty pricey.


its the era of hot hatches, catch up

also the new wrx’s are as big as commodores.

hyundai has some exciting stuff coming too.


How small and how fast?

VW Golf R series is small-mid 0-100 in 4.8-5.00 sec I think. I have this and it’s plenty quick.

Merc have an A Series

Ford Focus RS

HONDA Civic R Type

Reckon everyone has gone past Impreza for interior.

BMW M2/3?

What’s your budget?


This is small and fast.images

Also appropriate colors


Ranger would probably be your best bet as an allrounder.


Some good ones mentioned already.

I also really like the Renault Megane RS.


Been looking at tritons, msinly because of price…


Nothing wrong with a Triton mate. I’m not a fan of the styling, but the vehicle is quite capable.

Mazda BT 50 is also not a bad choice if they are around. Basically a Ranger with different topping.


Well, I am on the way home from buying a 2014 4x4 dualcab Triton.
Pretty chuffed with it actually.

Sad to say goodbye to my 2000 Hilux with all my membership stickers on the tailgate though…


Congrats mate. Nice machine, you’ll love it.


Thanks mate.

Closest Ive been to having a new car so Im enjoying the (albeit very basic) luxuries compared to what Im used to.


Does anyone here know anything about CVT (continuously variable transmission)? More and more cars seem to have it. I’ve googled it a number of times and all the reviews seem to say that it’s rare to get beyond 100,000 km without significant problems developing. I’m no engineer and I can’t come close to understanding fully how it works, but I can’t help feeling that any transmission that never actually locks into a gear and is permanently ready to slide to a lower ratio is inherently unstable and problematic. Do others here have different views?


I’ve never had a nice car, but I like nice cars.
So if you like nice cars, watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix.
You don’t even have to like Jerry, or the guests, or coffee.


Hate them. Don’t like using them, and they don’t last. That said the very new ones are a bit better life expectancy wise. But still, crappy things.