Cars - Starting with new Lamborghini


My wife has a 2016 HRV, 22,000s kms.
But we recently had twins and it is a bit squishy with a 5 year old and all kids being in car seats.

I see our options as a big SUVs or a van.

Kia carnival
Toyota Tarago
Honda Oddyssey rare as hens teeth in Tassie (near new)

Or suv
Mazda CX-9
Toyota Kluger
Volvo XC90

Looking at probably 2016 and a couple of years older models.


I drive a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander diesel. Absolutely love it. I tried them all, and found the Mazda too big, the Kluger is just bland, and the Volvo was just uninspiring. Take a Santa Fe for a run. The Mazda is a good vehicle but ■■■■■■ BIG. The Kia Sorrento would be worth a look too.


Sorrento is mint and a good price.


First generation of any new tech is always going to have issues. Most are fine. Some aren’t.

The one in the Mitsubishi Outlander is absolutely not fine. Really, really poopy.

They’ll be pretty much everywhere in another 5 years.


I suspect you’re right, but for the time being I think I’ll avoid them


My new toy.


When I car hire, it is with Hertz and I now hire the " mystery car", as it us the same as the smallest they offer and once I landed a BMW 5 series.

Last week in Sydney the mystery car was a Kia Carnival, virtually brand new, and while it was a waste of space with only me in it, I found it to be a very nice vehicle. Handled well, good torque in the motor and comfortable seats. Fuel ecomont driving around Sydney was just on 10 L/100 km. Reckon it would be good for the large family.

Mrs Fox had a Kluger and it was a nice car but heavy on fuel. It was not bland though @Reboot, not sure what you mean. It was large and had aircon system in back and front.


I just upgraded my CX-5 to the top of the range model. The difference in safety and information features from the 2015 model is quite substantial.

I like the automatic high beams that drop to normal if it detects a car coming the other way. I wish every car had that. So many arseholes don’t dip their lights.


I personally find it amazing some mobs are still trying to sell cars without Apple carplay (or the android equivalent). A bunch never even made it to our shortlist cos of that.



Wouldn’t rate that level of importance for me.


What is Apple CarPlay ?


You can have near as makes no difference to any song ever recorded in your car, taking up no hardware space, plus books and podcasts…

It’s a thing.
It’s a good thing.
It’s worth having.


Agree it’s not a bad thing to have.
But it’s not a deal breaker imo.
You can always bluetooth your phone and get all that if it’s that important, so you don’t have to miss out.


I know Carplay etc will be available in Mazda in the new year…at a price…but for my purposes, I’m happy with the USB and Bluetooth connections. I’m not sure what extra CarPlay would give me.


For me - I work on the road a fair bit and often travel to new and different sites - being able to make/take calls and navigate easily is a huge safety factor, as well as convenience.

Plus reliable mapping/directions through google maps, can punch in addresses on my PC or offline on the phone and it comes up automatically. It’s waaaaay easier.

And I’m in and out of a fair few hire cars through work travel - I haven’t yet come across an OEM system that’s not terrible, in comparison.


A user interface designed by a company who’s entire strength is designing user interfaces. Not done by a car company who’s strength is not that.


Thanks HAP


We ended up getting a near new (2015) Toyota Tarago.
Just thought it drives well, and liked that it was/felt a bit smaller on the road compared to the Carnival.
Have even done a few reverse parks in it already and we are getting a reversing camera installed.
Test drove the Mazda CX-9 but it wasnt as practible for the twins.



Right in the middle of selling my car now to the most pedantic poindexter you’ll ever meet.
I’m starting to wonder if it’s HAP.