Cast Your Vote: Martin/Fyfe/Rockliff/Kelly

Okay, so assume we are able to aggressively chase one of the following players at seasons end, cast your vote as to which player you would prefer to see in our midfield in 2018.[poll type=multiple min=1 max=1]

  • Dustin Martin (Free Agent)
  • Nathan Fyfe (Free Agent)
  • Tom Rockliff (Free Agent)
  • Josh Kelly (Out of Contract)

how many thread essendon trade target need.

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No thread to cast a vote that i could see.

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Well known that Jackets doesn’t make decisions unless there’s a poll.

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Actually want to have? Kelly. Willing to pay for? Rockliff.

I would be a bad list manager.


Yeah, totally agree with that thought.

Got to make sure that we are practical, and Rockliff is the most practical option for mine.

Fraction of the price compared to the others and will still fill the void in our midfield.


. 10. Darren Bewick

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