Celebrate! MATCH review

You farking beauty.

I love this club.

Grown men can cry. Awesome!!!

boy is victory sweet. What a gutsy effort. Zaharakis is becoming the leader we knew he can be

Cricketers arms for a few. We’ll be the smiling bomber supporters.

Dees Nuts

The kids were fantastic. Joe came through. Zaka has become a man to follow.

I have goosebumps from head to toe.

Suck on it, critics.


Greatest win I’ve ever seen. Unreal. What a huge effort

So proud of the players and the supporters.

Rest your players now you c#*nts

Enjoy the deafening silence from the press.

How good was that.
Awesome stuff boys,all ticker. Suck ■■■■ OX ya lemon

I could only follow the game on BB, no radio coverage up here and we do not have Foxtel. What a great, great, win boys.
Fantastic job today everyone. The walk must have been amazing, the game even better.

United we stand, like Janus, looking backwards and moving forward step by step.

How soon can we rookie the rest of the Parish boys?

Jackets straight to Parish after song.

Brilliant. The first signature, the march, the win, great stuff!! Very happy.

You farking beauty.

I love this club.

Couldn’t have said it any better.

Ha Ha Ha…Stick that up ya.

I don’t have the words…

That’s was just next level type effort. What a club.

I frikkin love this club and all you bozos.

3 votes CJohns!!