Celebrity (and not so) Deaths 2024

Don’t listen that much anymore but I enjoyed his NBL segment. He and Gazey were good value. RIP Homicide :basketball:

Jeez that’s sad about Homicide Williams. Loved his take on basketball, and he loved the Dons too.
46 is just ■■■■■■■ bullshit


Very sad day losing Corey. I was lucky enough to have a friendship with Corey and had some wonderful times with him in more recent years. A great man, always so positive and he would stop and treat ‘average Joe’s’ in the street like a best friend. RIP Corey :pray:


Roger Little Shop of Horrors Corman.
He gave so many famous actors and Directors their start.
He also introduced European films to the US, notably Bergman and Fellini.


The king of the Drive in Matinee Schlock-horror-sci fi-exploitation film. And made a fair chunk of cash directing and producing his “quickies”

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Apsley is in the Horsham District Football League, so I’m claiming him.
#13 Champion of Essendon is pretty…pretty good.


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He was an absolute star. I was gutted when he retired so early.

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Those farmers. IIRC Bob Dunlop was another who could have gone on.

I remember Bob Dunlop as being a bit slow and lumbering although he did manage a goal a game, including a couple in a low scoring final. Maybe I am getting him confused with Barry Mackie who was definitely slow and lumbering.

I was told his physique and enormous hands were the asset, great at marking, not so agile.
Came from Rup, where we used to go rabbiting.

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I just missed him. Graeme Beissel had #18 when i first remember. The old man raved about him though.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Burgess when I was a kid.

Never saw him play, but he was a legend where-ever he played. Ken Fraser said to me once that Reg Burgess was about the best player he ever played with, and considering the absolute champs that Ken played with is a massive compliment. There is a story that he once kicked 7 goals in a GF at Casterton with a dislocated shoulder.


Actor Dabney Coleman, best known for his starring role in the classic 1980 film 9 to 5, has died at the age of 92.


Good in everything I’ve ever seen him in.


Reg Burgess was a wonderful footballer. Fast, clean technique. I remember him well from when I was a kid. He was a centreman, though when Jack Clarke wanted the centre spot, Reg got shunted out to the wing. Reg retired early: having spent some 7 years at Essendon, he decided that the big city wasn’t where he wanted to stay, so he went home to Apsley at the age of 26. That was after the 1960 season; if he’d hung on for two more years he’d have been part of the 1962 Premiership team !

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the short interview Reg did with BomberTV :


Australian singer Frank Ifield, who once had The Beatles as a support act, has finished warbling at the age of 86. I remember him.


Well done