Celebrity Deaths 2018


Vinnie Paul of Pantera has passed away. No further info yet!


Sucks! He’s with Dime now :love_you_gesture:


That really sucks


Just came across the story of how his brother died. That’s unbelievable.


In many ways he was lucky to make it to 54. He was meant to die the night his brother did. The gunman had a bullet with his name on it but he got away.


Was just listening to Clash with Reality yesterday. RIP.

Cowboys from Hell was the first CD I owned. Or rather, my brother and I owned. Pooled our cash.


A compilation of tributes from across the metal community

A lovely bloke who was loved by all, and a great drummer to boot. RIP vinnie


Just found out about this now.


This guy won’t be known to many on here, but l saw him at Womadelaide in early 1993, and he was a great entertainer.

Remembering Geoffrey Oryema

On Friday of last week we received the sad news of the death of Geoffrey Oryema. Geoffrey had a long association with Real World and WOMAD and performed alongside Peter many times throughout the years.

“I was very upset to learn of Geoffrey Oryema’s death.

Geoffrey was one of the original artists on our label and one of the most loved.

It feels as if we have lost one of our original family members and although Geoffrey went his own way in recent years we always felt he was a Real World artist.

A big man has gone and left a big hole but he leaves behind a lot of warmth and many beautiful and emotional songs.” - Peter Gabriel


Harlan Ellison - was a cranky bastardo, but wrote some powerful stuff.



I recall reading one of his books many years ago, and didn’t add him to my very extensive list of crime fiction writers.


Liz Jackson’s passing shouldn’t go unrecognised in here. In a time when the perception of journalists and their craft is at an all time low, she stood out for her professionalism and tenacity in order to bring some really difficult stories to the public’s attention.



That’s no good.


Now being reported that she took her own life


I thought that was sadly fairly clear from the original article.

Just heartbreaking.


Same, but I didn’t want to jump to the conclusion in case it wasn’t the case (actually had a reply to Diggers but decided not to post it)


Tony Bullimore, the British round-the-world sailor who was famously rescued in the Great Australian Bight in 1997, died of stomach cancer last Tuesday.


He was either viewed as privileged English wanker who wasted good Australian money and resources on a stupid boat race exclusively for privileged wankers or as an intrepid adventurer who took on one Hell of a challenge at an age when most people are observing life rather than taking it on.

I’m of the latter opinion.

Plus he was grateful. Unlike the French ■■■■ who said it ‘was our obligation to rescue her’ as a fair minded citizen of the Oceans.

Should have started the rescue from where the Rainbow Warrior now rests just to make a not too subtle point.