Celebrity Deaths 2018


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I put this in here but probably should have her own thread.

Bonita Mabo dies days after human rights accolade

By the Specialist Reporting Team’s Isabella Higgins

Updated 29 minutes ago

Prominent Indigenous and South Sea Islander activist Bonita Mabo has died.

Mabo was the wife of Eddie Mabo and worked alongside him for the pursuit for Indigenous land rights.

Just days ago, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from James Cook University for her contribution to social justice and human rights.

In a statement, The Australian South Sea Islander Alliance said she would “be greatly missed”.

“Aunty Bonita’s contribution to social justice and human rights for First Nations People and the Australian South Sea Islander recognition was monumental and relentless,” the statement read.

“A formidable ‘Woman Tanna’, Aunty Bonita will be greatly missed as Australia has lost one of the greatest matriarchs of all time.”


Nicholas Roeg and Bernado Bertolucci.


A couple of quality film makers right there. For those unfamiliar with Roeg, track down a little movie of his called Performance, with Mick Jagger and James Fox. Superb film about a reclusive rock star and a gangster. The film revolves around the way each insinuates his way into the life of each other, and the effects.


SPONGEBOB SquarePants creator Stephen Hillenburg has died aged 57, Nickelodeon has confirmed.


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This has been the lamest year for celeb deaths ever. Bunch of nobodies





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Walkabout, the Performance, Don’t look now, the Man who fell to earth; The Conformist 1900, Last Tango in Paris


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Do yourself a favour, give this one a miss & see Walkabout or his best film Don’t Look Now.

Hate to tell you this Capt, but Jagger can’t act to save himself.


I hope they buried him under a pineapple under the sea.


I remember watching Walkabout as a young boy and the only thing I remembered (until i watched it again later) was a the fully nude shots of the hot looking girl (Jenny Agutter - I enjoyed Logan’s Run & An American Werewolf in London too).


Seen Walkabout as well. Disagree about Performance, as Jagger doesn’t have to act, just be himself.