Celebrity Deaths 2018


That’s not the kind of character development that grabs my interest.

Massive twat. Will never be forgiven for his “portrayal” of Ned Kelly.

■■■■ him and the Heath Ledger he rode in on.


He was certainly no Ned Kelly, but as a reclusive rock star, he fits the bill perfectly.


His acting was appalling.


He was pretty much exiled from movies after that


Was it on Main Street?


Just finished the book for a 2nd time. Is a ripping read.


Read the Keith Richards auto bio.
Now that’s a life worth reading about


Former US president George H.W. Bush has died aged 94


Shock and awe.


I don’t think he ever fully recovered from that time he had that rainbow-coloured clown wig glued to his head.


If he thinks George Bush won’t go in the sewer, he doesn’t know George Bush


Cycling commentator Paul Sherwen has died at the age of 62.

Loved listening to him and Phil Ligget covering the TDF on late winters’ nights.



Spent many hours enjoying Paul & Phil’s Tour de France commentary. Very sad news.


Ken Berry passed away at 85.
If you don’t remember he was the bumbling Capt, Wilton Parmenter from F-Troop, or the bumbling lead in Herbie Rides Again, ( notice a pattern here…)
F-Troop was a staple after school on ABC- and just a funny show.


Was he the one who would often get high with the local Indigenous population?


You mean the Hekawi?
Trivia point, they were originally to be called the Fugawi, until the censors got wind…


How did it go?


hehehe went just as expected! those who knew the movie were cracking up laughing… those who didn’t sat there with bemused looks on their faces! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and the bride and groom loved it which was the main thing :slightly_smiling_face:


No that was Larry Storch (Agarn) and Forrest Tucker (O’Rourke). Loved F-Troop growing up. “Where Indian fights are colorful sights and nobody takes a lickin’ Where pale face and redskin. Both turn chicken”. Ken Berry was the one that got the girl Wrangler Jane.


WWE announced Wednesday that former Superstar Thomas “Dynamite Kid” Billington died at the age of 60.

Dynamite Kid wrestled for WWE from 1984 to 1988 as one half of The British Bulldogs alongside tag-team partner Davey Boy Smith.

Kid and Smith were one-time WWE Tag Team champions, and they enjoyed one of the longest tag title reigns in WWE history at 294 days.