Celebrity Deaths 2018


Stephen Hawking has died. Aged 76. Giant intellect.


The giantest.


Was it in a Simpson’s episode where he got into a physical confrontation with Homer?


Is that a trick question?


A big one here.
Thanks, Stephen.


Cause of death not yet known, probably read the climate change thread


Died same age as Einstein.
Died on Einstein’s birthday, 14 March.


No. I can’t recall if he punched Homer in the head with a robotic fist, ran him over in his wheelchair or electrocuted him. Or did he assault Peter Griffin?


An amazing life considering he was told he had 2 years to live when he was diagnosed with MND - 50 years ago.


He only just farked my brain up again the other day with his theory on existence before the big bang.


He ran Fry over in Futurama


Saw Jeff St John but none of the others you mentioned.
Managed to catch Split Enz, Sherbert, Skyhooks, Dingoes, Thorpey, Doug P, Normie Rowe (faark that was in 66) and a bucket load of others.
Great times


14 March is also ‘Pi Day’ in USA - 3.14


Saw Jeff St. John many times in the early 1970’s but don’t ever recall him playing guitar. For such a little guy he had a big voice. Never saw Sidewinder, don’t even recall the name. Black Feather l only saw a couple of times as they were mostly Sydney based. Saw Valentines, but only once. They had dual lead singers Vince Lovegrove and Bon Scott. Their lead guitarist was a guy called Wyn Milsom (spelling), who lived in a flat downstairs from a mate of mine in Cheltenham. After the Valentine’s split up Wyn got into building his own speakers and PA’s for bands. Everytime we went around to see him, the latest pair of speakers seemed to be bigger and bigger. Finally he announced that his next and last pair would be as big as a decent sized fridge, and he would have to mount them to the wall directly. Not ideal for living in a flat. The idea cracked my mate and l up, that could also have had something to do with the exceleetn Kashmiri hash Wyn had at the time, or perhaps it was Afghani. The last time l saw Wyn was as l was leaving the second of the two Pink Floyd concerts at Rod Laver Arean in 1988. Wyn was in charge of the local road crew, and had to get 3 semi trailer loads of equipment packed up, and carted over to Adelaide by the next night. I wished him a lot of luck, he looked like he could have used some sleep. Vince ended up on Saturday morning TV in Adelaide where he did a music show that was well ahead of its time in introducing many high quality acts. Bon Scott went and lived up in the Adelaide hills for a while and joined Fraternity, stiill my fave Bon Scott band. They were a big group, some seven or eight musos, and used to get around in one of the those fabulous old 1950’s Pioneer clipper buses, with the round rear end, big air scoop on the roof and no rear window.l saw them a few times when l did a summer in the Riverland, that was almost 50 years ago.

My favourite bands from that era were the 5 piece, 3 piece and 4 piece versions of Chain, Specturm and the fabulous La De Da’s. l will probably write of another trip down memory lane soon, recounting some of those tales. Cheers.


No idea who this is, but they’re newsworthy so I spose they count


Jeff St John did have a big voice, and while it was tough playing guitar in a wheel chair, somehow he managed it.

Sidewinder was a group with some great musicians; a weird little guy who played electric violin, a great drummer and Ashley Buckle was lead guitarist and as good as anyone. Black Feather played undercard for a lot of visiting bands.

Loved Spectrum, worked as a roadie for them in a few gigs while at Uni. I remember knew show at Storey Hall where Spectrum played rage usual great music for two hours, then a short break and Murtceps came out and plated another style of music for another two hours. Same guys with the name spelt backwards.

Fraternity were great musos, La De Dahs made the place move and remember Madder Lake and Twelve Pound Toothbush ?

And Captain the hash was supposedly Kasmiri, but it was probably grown near Mildura as most of the dope was.

Reckon you and AN10 and me must have crossed paths somewhere during that time.


Director Milos Forman (86) has passed away. Famed for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Amadeus”.


Both exceptional fillums.


: (
Mrs Wim interviewed him.

Excellent director.


R. Lee Ermey (Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket) has died aged 74. He was excellent in that role.