Celebrity Deaths 2023

I was lucky enough to be there that day and despite suffering the effects of a hangover plus jet lag I still felt she put on an unbelievable show.
I flew in from Paris via HK on Cathay and landed in Australia on the Friday to see us play Fark Carlton in the GF and had the genius idea to drive up and attend the NRL GF the following day before flying back out to London on Monday. Needless to say I slept the majority of both legs back :rofl:


This is a total shock. We know that all must pass, but even though we are firmly in an era where a lot of rock legends are now passing on, it still takes us by surprise when we hear of their demise. This is my favourite Tina Turner song. Listening to it again l now wonder how biographic this song is, also contains a killer sax break. This song rocks and so did Tina.


I met the roided up sax guy when she toured down here in 96. We took the ■■■■ out of him when he lost his ■■■■ that there wasn’t a courier service that could get a parcel over to the US in a day.

Took the ■■■■ very quietly. He looked more like Bret Hart than a sax guy.

Why he wasn’t ripped apart by vampires in lost boys I’ll never know.


I call you
When I need you
My heart’s on fire!

R.I.P. One of the greats.


Ah… Prune…
Sharp as a bowling ball… as ever…


Ike Turner used to take his shoes off and beat Tina with them, because he didn’t want to bruise his hands…

Hard life.

Tina was awesome. So highly respected by her peers. Also a giant mentor for so many artists. Tina always gets regular airplay in the Soulnet household.


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She’s not doing that deliberately, is she? Or just stupid?

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RIP Tina.
Respect her fortitude and resilience.
Respect her voice.

But I have to say it…
I absolutely loathe Nutbush City Limits. Utterly despise it.

Being one of life’s great uncoordinated gits, it (along with all songs involving any semblance of choreography e.g. Bus Stop, Time Warp, Vogue etc.) was always my cue to head to the bar, lest any girl catch sight of my uselessness…


Prue has previously demonstrated that she is indeed THAT stupid.


The dance and the song are both waaaaaaay too repetitive/long.

Fark Box Hill City Oval, and it being ear-wormed into me.

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She’s river deep - mountain high stupid.


Faaaaaark, how good.

Imagine getting a performance that iconic at an AFL/NRL grand final these days. More likely to get Birds of Tokyo for the fifth time playing something no one knows from a new album.

RIP legend.


Private Dancer concert in Brussels in the late eighties, Brian Adams support. act, she was simply the best performance.

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She stood out amongst her peer, a star, force of nature but no diva.


My grade 5 class had to learn it for PE in the courtyard. PE teacher was Mr Kentish, who I’m sure would have been right at home on any 70s dancefloor :smile:.

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Grade 5 and 6 for me we had to learn all that.

Was 91, 92 for me.

Possibly even more stupid than that. She does get credit thought as one of the most intelligent Liberal women.

Which says way more about the Liberal Party than it does Prune…