CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell

An even better idea would be a points system based on games attended over the years for better access to finals tickets and ultimately, should we make one, Grand Final tickets.

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I still think you miss the point. There is blatent padding going on. 1 or 3 game memberships have been created for this purpose. Does any club provide breakdowns of the ‘types’ or memberships sold? You’ll probably find a stagnation in 12 or18 game memberships.

Did you work with him?

A three game membership gives match day access.

Club membership numbers are a ruse, all around. They are like the war on ‘megapixels’ in cameras. This has no direct relation to whether Campbell is a successful CEO or not, and shouldn’t be used as a valid argument either way - for many reasons.

It is valid because it is used for marketing.

By everyone. So it is not a factor.

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except they combine that with our crowd attendances they can point to us being one of the the BIG clubs and that will get provide better exposure for the sponsor’s product

It is more of a factor when you are Essendon, Richmond, Collingwood, even Carlsum. Less so when you are Bulldogs and Aints or Suns. It is a factor, may not be the biggest one but it still has it;s place.

We are one of ‘the big clubs’ - based on published profit margins. How many ‘members’ a club has doesn’t have that much to do with it. There are (as pointed out) too many variables on with membership numbers. Let alone ‘supporter’ numbers. But a dollar is a dollar.

And you will keep going and you would be wrong. That’s okay, we can move on.

Yes but you have to admit he achieved this:


Of course it is unique - no one else would be stupid enough to do what we do.


“The perfect man for the job”?

No, but I suppose he is doing something perfectly somewhere.

I kind of agree. Save the anger for stuff like salary cap breaches etc that Xman etc are actually in the business of looking after, not the playing style etc.


Thinking whilst driving home - this guy really should see no option but to resign immediately.

He has to take the responsibility of ballsing up the biggest decision an AFL club board will make. Make not mistake. Board members should see that and have a long hard think about their positions as well.

He has to concede that is on him and must move on. Credibility and all that.

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It won’t happen. We are right where the AFL has wanted us for years.

Thanks for nothing X, please leave. If you could take the board and coaches with you it would be greatly appreciated


Needs to go.

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Sooner he gets a gig at the AFL the better for us.

Is this guy actually any good ? Seems like a used car salesman .