CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell

No shame in asking for him to resign.

He’s part of the cultural problem.

Perhaps… but perhaps he’s also part of the solution.


I honestly believe this is the biggest issue engulfing the club and has for a long long time

Nobody wants to take accountability, everyone pushes the blame on to someone else

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If his kpi is to build wealth for the club then he’s already failing.

I copped an email from the club at halftime that had the current score and a whole lot of advertisement.

I’m sick of the club peddling furniture.

I attend a lot of games at both levels and have for a long time and I feel more detached from the club than I ever had.

The saga has screwed us over in many ways. Not only did it gut our on field performance but it almost finished us financially.

I feel like their primary focus is to rebuild us financially.

We all must stick together and support the club
if we cannot get out of this losing trend by say round 5 we need Essendon people on the Board with previous success - an independent review.

I’m not even sure it’s that. Things just seem … ummm confused… for example…I don’t have a great footy mind but it seemed odd to me that most sides played at practice match against another club prior to JLT… after the Carlton game we seemed way behind them in our prep… after the Geelong game… same thing.

I expected a tough week on the training track the next week but from the training reports there seemed very little action… was there even training?

We seem to be weeks behind everyone in our preperation and at this level the effect is deveatating.


The response was an assurance that they ate fully focussed on sorting it out etc.

I wasn’t expecting him to say what he will do first thing Monday morning.

Everyone’s KPI should be to win a ■■■■■■■ premiership. EVERYONES


I find the calls to stick together now pretty facetious. We stuck together for 6 years during the drug saga. We’re beyond it now with a list that should be pushing for a finals wins. Yet here we are. Moving backward.


I’ve no issue with sticking together. We can start by them telling us what the ■■■■ is really going on.


preferred it with the ■■■■

I’d suggest poaching Hawthorn’s CEO but a lot of good that did us last time. How about Brian Cook?

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Yes we did and agree we can’t wait forever- But
What is the answer if we do not pick up our game dramatically?

The facts are that everywhere Neil Balme and Brian Cook have been- there has been success
I would love Neil Balme
Sheeds tried to get Neil Balme here a few years ago I believe

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That’s my point.

All we here about is sponsorship and furniture.

I wish they would Fark it all off and talk football.

I don’t see any passion from any of the club representatives and it don’t get me started on game day.

Matthew Lloyd and Scot Lucas are 2 Essendon champs with the right credentials for the Board I reckon

Would have Scotty in a heartbeat.

Lloyd I’m not so sure about.

Not big on guys from the media that say things based on how much attention they can attract.


What credentials would that be?

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It’s a non paid gig.

Not a fkn chance.

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Essendon is getting out of debt in record time.

Has the largests sponsorship in football.

Has arguably the best facilities.

Has attracted probably 4 of the top 6 or so available players in the last two trade period.

Has the most experienced AFL coach in the competition.

Now we are playing like ■■■■ right now, I do not think you can blame the board however.

From the outside in, it looks like they have done everything right.