CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell

passion for the club to succeed
They have been part of success at the club- a flag in 2000
sound football brains -
just to start with


He’s paid to say things to create a headline and that’s exactly what we don’t need.

Bang on Vanders

Lloyd would need to resign from his media commitments

But even then I wouldn’t want him.

In my opinion he’s just another headline.

yep -an honest hard look at what the real situation is.
Are there issues? What’s the cause of them? And what are the solutions?

And, who is in the most impartial position to make that assessment? If that can’t be achieved internally then you have to bring in an external person to do it.

But the fact we are having these discussions after two rounds is so disappointing. Things can and do change for the better, but they can also spiral into an even bigger mess even quicker.

So disappointing.


Someone please explain how Hooker and Hurley are not part of the leadership team
I do not get it

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It was never explained.

The club came out and said they were reducing the numbers in the leadership group and that’s it.

No explanation.

It just sounds very odd to have them cut


Lets hope we can some how bounce back in the next few week- then Joey, Hooker, Begs, Gleeson and Redman can help out

Yes, everything is going along swimmingly. So much so that the board, the only people who can initiate and ratify decisions to implement reviews, sack senior personnel including the CEO, and release funds to head-hunt suitable replacements… well, these guys bear no responsibility whatsover because we have a sponsorship with Amart!

It really doesn’t.

They are already leaders. We are obviously foisting some responsibility on, showing confidence in and developing the next set of leaders.

They just haven’t taken to it and stood up as they should just yet.

We are? Are you sure?

Whatever we’re doing it’s certainly not obvious.

“They just haven’t taken to it and stood up as they should just yet”

Hooker in particular has been an integral part of most of our big wins

Sticking together is what good waffles do.


I would have thought it was pretty clear from the outset.

JD Raz And Zed. Rise to Leader Level guys, it’s time to step up.

And again.

I can’t believe our elder statesmen wouldn’t completely understand this and be fully on board, … or would get their nose out of joint over not being in a group that for them is a given and hence rather meaningless.

They are adults, not 22 year olds. They are great clubmen and always have been and will be. I can’t believe how many are buying into the idea they’d sook about it.

I think the whole thing is a crock of crap.


LOL me too

The fans stick together, perhaps the players could do the same?

Mate none of them bring a killer instinct or winners attitude. Who fkn knows with any one of them. Seriously. Bunch of choir boys.

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How about weaselling out of things?