CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell

And that is what we are trying to foster in them. and as I said, … they haven’t seemed to have taken to it as they should just yet.

I will wait and see if they do. I believe they will.

Is it though?

I’m talking about the older players. Zerret, McG show way more heart and winners determination than our “experienced losers” who have never been part of a winning culture.

No one should question the support given by Essendon supporters. No one.

We stayed strong during the saga, a time when, a lot of others clubs eould have folded.

The club deserves our wrath at the moment because they are serving up a big pile of steaming ■■■■.


Well said. Not playing a practice match before JLT was and still is mind boggling.

You would think after last season they would be doing everything possible to starting the year strongly.

We seem such a reactive club not a proactive one


I can now see why they wanted to keep everything so secretive.

Maybe… we’re all just speculating which is natural given the circs. It’s been long uneasy road. I guess it feels like setback upon setback… reset upon reset. And that’s fine if it’s how it has to be. I’d just like to know why. Mid 2017 I thought we were travelling well.

my brothers u15s can organise 2 practice matches, wtf is this club doing?

Reckon BB will cease to exist if Essendon wins more games, finals or even premierships - There will be nothing to discuss.

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I agree 2016 and then 2017 showed promise. Since then we have come back from preseason and looked like absolute ■■■■■.

I’m not sure how that’s possible within a professional organisation.

I think we will recover just like last year and just like last year it will be too late.

I personally think we should be making finals no matter what. Last year was a massive missed poppy and this years is looking the same.

We have a losing culture and nobody at the club seems to mind as long as they are “learning”.

Leadership group. Dropped Hooker. Kept Myers.


and elevated Daniher …

Daniher was in the leadership group in 2018.

Calling for Xavier to go is farking nonsense. Given the absolute ■■■■ sandwich that he was dealt, he’s done exceptionally well as a CEO. He’s been able to attract decent players. He’s kept a playing list together in unprecedented times. He’s extended (or signed up new) sponsorship deals at the worst possible time. He’s been able to promote the club pretty well despite the circumstances. He’s rebuilt the relationship with the AFL which regardless of what we think is fairly important. And he’s steadied the ship which was commercially important.

He had to resign Worsfold because of the circumstances (players being suspended and then coming back etc) and because we needed stability. I’m actually confident between Xavier and Richardson, ■■■■ will get done, if needed.


There will be plenty to discuss. However, the club is only giving us dark times to discuss. If we ever come good (big if) this server will collapse


Or maybe, like Worsfold, he was the right guy to guide the club out of the saga, but is unsuited to the bit that comes after (ie. now)

Or maybe, an evil Warlock has invaded the Club and has everyone under a spell??

Burn all the Witches!!!

Or maybe, an angry mob gets stupider the more they feed off each other, and gets it all completely wrong. Watching rumours become reality here over the past few days is some fkn scary shitt to witness.

No wonder Fake Newz works as well as it does.

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Looks can be deceiving. Whatever the problem is, if it is internal no one is talking about it and the longer it remains a secret the worse things will get. The players are just a symptom.


If they are cranky inside the sanctum at Essendon… Imagine the rumblings at Melbourne.

We look a long way off, but perhaps things can change quickly. We saw that last year after Neeld departed.

That’s definietly possible. Although I reckon we’re going to know pretty quick whether Xavier is the man, depending on his response to the state of the team/results etc.