CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell

Extension is irrelevant.

If they waiting til later in the year they would have extended by 2 years on the back of our finish. Maybe even 3!!

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Well It’s clearly not helping the side.

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I stand corrected! Thanks for clarifying.

Making him seem stupider than is actually provable does not help his cause.

Can’t disagree there.

Have too many players with multiple roles is obviously creating too much confusion out there or they just cant execute multiple roles.

Something has to give.

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I don’t think sacking him is going to make the players improve and get us wins.

He’s done a good job as a CEO. I don’t think he would have expected us to be so ■■■■ to begin the season. Yes he hires the coach, but based on the end of last year most people here were happy to keep Worsfold. What were the other options last year?

It’s not his job to get the players performing. That is the coach and high performance staff. They are the ones who are under the microscope and rightfully so.


I doubt it was just X’s decision to re-sign Woosha. Doesn’t that get ratified by the board?

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I’ve posted this here before. Most organisations have direct lines of responsibility that go through to the CEO, for anything that causes the organisation negative national media coverage.

This would be documented in their RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) chart. It’s not a matter of opinion. The club’s governance structure would dictate that Xavier IS responsible for the current situation, as would be any CEO, so long as the club has adopted a conventional organisational approach to risk management.

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LOL …before it gets ratified …or lets call it what it is and say rubber stamped…it first needs to be presented. Now I wasn’t in the room but I’d guarantee the idea came from the CEO.


You and me both Darli

Exactly Darli. Same old same old. Good footballer lets get him on the board.

The Board that didn’t know about our sport science program?


LOL To be fair it’s a tad different now. I’d like to think our board is strong enough to stand up to the CEO when needed. My gut feeling is that is not the case but it’s just a feeling.

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Sign him up!

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I thought the leadership group was elected by the players. If not, should be.

Players elect the leadership group.

I think it should be the coaches personally.


I think the AFL controls a fair degree of decision making of clubs’ boards.

I highly doubt that.

Most of the board is vastly more senior and experienced and if I’m totally honest more talented than our CEO. I doubt they dont stand up to him.

There is allways the challenge of making football related decisions and having little experience in that area and thus having to rely on club people.

Lets agree to disagree :slight_smile:

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I suppose I’m saying it’s what should be happening.

I have no idea.