CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell

TBH I also have no idea…but it certainly feels like Xavier is pulling the strings.

Of course the board would stand up to him if they felt the need to do so. But if they believe he is doing the job required of him then they would not see the need to do anything to stand up to him.

He is held to account by them so if they feel there are issues and they meet and discuss those then he is required to provide the information they require.

One of those things would be what the hell is going on, give us a report. He then has to provide that. If they feel it isn’t good enough they will tell him that. If they don’t then there is no need to stand against him or up to him.

The question isn’t whether they would, the question will be whether they also don’t have any answers and are part of the problem.

Well, that is his job to be fair. Of course that also means he owns it if it goes south.

Gil is pulling the strings via his puppet Xavier. Even Paul Little couldn’t stand up to them!

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I’m not convinced.

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So many “experts”.

Here’s a simple idea, sack all of the board as well as the CEO.

They’re all responsible for everything.

So you dont really know.

Again, so you dont really know.

TBF to Darli she did say she doesn’t know.


And only 1 game after we were absolutely embarrassed by Sydney in a final.
That loss alone should have been reason enough to punt him.
Xav’s pathetic backpedaling after giving the players a spray also was sickening


Xav’s pathetic backpedaling after giving the players a spray also was sickening

One of the weakest acts in our clubs history. ■■■■■■■ WEAK

I absolutely don’t know. We’re all just flying kites.

I do know the footy department is struggling. We can see it. I do know Xavier holds a tight reign on the footy department. Commercially he’s sound. He was after all COO. I’m not convinced he has the footy nous to take us forward and I’m less convinced the board has the footy nous to recognise that.


I know you posted on Wellman somewhere(cbf finding it). Was it ever confirmed he is the football director? If not him do we have one?

They are responsible. Doesn’t necessarily mean they should be sacked.

Unless we are part of the inner sanctum, we’re all flying kites as you put it.

I think X gets a bit too much heat from blitzers when not all of it is his responsibility.

If the footy department isnt quite up to it then the ultimate responsibility sits with him, and we have seen some changes recently with the addition of Richardson and Rutten.

He can’t do it all, I think he does a good job overall but poor footy performances aren’t his fault.

He has the overall development of EFC on his shoulders too, sponsorship, redevelopment of the site, etc etc.

Has the footy department pulled the wool over his eyes? Can’t he see where the faults are? Has he not got the nous for that? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not sure he can’t see it though. I think he’s pretty aware.

Mate it’s his footy department. He created it exactly as he wanted

That’s my biggest issue.


Wait, so it is only until the end of 2020? I feel better now. This year is a write off so by early next year it wont be so bad when we sack him after round 4

It might be up for debate just how much he created it as he wanted.

Anyway, any names of people who would be more suitable than current incumbents and are gettable?

Spot on. Surely he has a huge say in who the head of the department is and who the employees of it are. Surely X can say “here I (my team) am getting 70,000 members, wiping off debt etc etc, why are we so poor on field”?

Still can’t believe we can have an assistant coaching panel like we have.