CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell

I guess it depends how hands on Xavier is. To use a retail analogy, does X talk to his shop manager each Monday morning about the weekend takings, and how these last two weeks they’ve been ■■■■■■ awful and what he plans to do about it?

You don’t want to see people panicking. You want to see careful and honest assessments and decision making. The CEO should ask for it from the coaches. And the board should in turn ask for it from the CEO.

They certainly should and I’m sure they do. I’d go further and say that the board should talk to others around the club so they have the ammunition to ask the right questions of the CEO

He ran the footy department for pretty much the entire offseason of 2017 after Rob Kerr was moved on and before he hired Dan Richardson right?

I remember an article telling us exactly that, something about him even moving his office down there for the summer? Or was it someone posting on here?

Thus the entire structure of the footy department and coaching group was setup by him going into 2018, right?

A year in which our season was over by round 8, with the blame largely placed at the feet of the footy department and coaching structure - to the point where we didn’t get our season going until it was majorly restructured after round 8.

It’s entirely his creature.

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I think you mean “so they are properly informed to ask the right questions…”

I’m sure all this is happening, footy clubs must be very chatty places and everyone at Essendon would be feeling very disappointed with the effort to date. It’s how we work through these challenges will be the key.

I watched a doco on the NASA control centre and what they had to deal with during the space programs. They landed humans on the moon and got them back - noting it happened with the occasional set back and tragedy along the way (so there is hope). So how hard can it be to land a flag, let alone a 30 metre pass or shot at goal?


LOL and I actually meant as ammunition. It’s very easy for a CEO to control the narrative. Is the boards job to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Very true, and a good strong board will ask the right questions of everyone.

These discussions do not have to be adversarial. They should all be working for the same goal of a premiership (please let that be true). They should be constructive and honest. What is the plan to get there? How do we measure that we are on track?

Win-Loss is not our biggest concern - it’s how we are playing. If we were playing well and things have bounced against us then you have to say that’s how these things go. But we are playing badly and that means our trajectory is a massive concern.


We obviously see things differently, but after round 8 2018 there wasn’t a peep about how bad X was / is.

Maybe I’m coming from a position of ignorance also, but the current footy department isnt too bad imo.

Hurley himself said something along the lines about not been able to put a finger exactly where things are going wrong at the moment, maybe it’s the players not keeping to game plans established during the off season.

Club statements though the media wont tell us a huge amount either.

They’ll resolve it I’m sure.

Here’s to hoping :grinning:

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Why would the playing group chose its Captain and leaders. It is NOT a popularity contest.
Look at BJ a lot of the players were p1ssed off with him, what we could not do with his leadership now, there is no one like in our squad right now.


I know Wim is wise, but who can unravel this riddle?


Haha NASA is an analogy I used a lot particularly with IT.
“They can send pictures back from Mars at the speed of light, and you cant get this (insert your problem here) working?” And was usually to do with something unable to be printed somewhere.

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The answer is Jumbuck in a Coolabah tree whose ghost is heard by the troopers.

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Worsfold lost control at West Coast

Worsfold is losing control at Essendon right now

I are hiring a charter plain with a XMAN OOT banner to fly ova teh G on friday night.


Apparently some people think it’s pronounced ‘ex-avier’.

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I don’t want to be stirring up a witch hunt here, but can anyone vouch for our head of people & culture Lisa Lawry? She’s been in the role for nearly 5 years and I’d love to know if anyone working in this area of the club feels that we have a problem.

This is why we can’t hit targets 30m out.


She’s definitely the reason why we can’t pick up the ball first go.


I’m sure I heard it was her fault BZT and Lav got injured Saturday…her position is now untenable :wink:

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In my experience the only thing HR is responsible for is stoping a company getting sued.