CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell



Yes, and thats why they need to make sure they have they right people in the right places.

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Not that I agree with the currently popular “Burn then build from the ashes” initiative, Out of Time does remind me of some great tracks (second one takes a bit to get started)

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So much hope and hype for this year. Now seemingly its all over after 2 rounds FFS!

I’m sick and tired of hearing the CEO especially bemoaning the AFL not allowing us to an AFLW licence next year.

Farck it, I’m done no more $1000.00 per year from my household.

Ive given them plenty over the last 19 years, but no more.

Get the farcking men’s team sorted, - I dont give a flying farck about AFLW.

The President and CEO are treating us all with contempt. My EFC is not AFLW, - get your farcking priorities right!


Trying to screw over the workers is also their role.

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An Essendon AFLW team is the best and probable only hope any of us in our lifetimes have of seeing an Essendon premiership.


I recon an Essendon AFLW team would at least have players that actually looked like they wanted to be on the field.


The nerve of this guy to send a message like that. It’s all about money, money, money with the club nowadays. Disgusting.

Donate to The Flight Plan.


Have you see how far Adelaide is ahead of the other teams?

And seeing Hird and Long running around together again wouldn’t be such a bad thing?

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It is certainly the responsibility of the CEO to get to the bottom of problems that exist at the club. The Team is performing badly. WHY? If the team performs badly then sponsors, fans, the media are all over it. Bad performing teams loose money, the very lifeblood of the club. Then the Board get nervous and look to the CEO to right the ship.

Everybody at the club reports ultimately to the CEO. The team performed poorly during the JLT and now have been pathetic in the first 2 rounds. The players get booed off the ground. The fans have fallen for the club propaganda (XC) about expectations of top 4 and are now seething.

One ship, one captain. Tanner and the Board do what Gil tells them to do.


The Board may be all those things but they are still AFL compliant.

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“we have seen some changes recently with the addition of Richardson and Rutten” Now that is an interesting observation. Can I suggest we have a possible root cause?

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Rohan Connolly needs to teach him to speak and write in a language that others can understand, as well as the message he wants to send in his utterances.

It’s a zen kōan. :wink:


I would expect that lessons have been learned from the mistakes made by channeling advice from the coaching staff to Woosha more or less exclusively through Neeld.

Nah, definitely not in my experience. There are many aspects to it, but one that is pushed hard in most of the places I have operated or worked in, is the development of leadership capability and performance management. The individual leaders or managers are responsible for identifying the problems with people and the HR teams focus is supporting those managers or leaders in developing high performance teams. They do work with compliance, but only so far as when an employee is under performing consistently they support the manager or leader in moving that person on, in accordance with regs.

To my mind, if we have a good HR facility within the club and it’s staffed by people who know what they are doing, then why do we have such under performance across seemingly so many aspects of the football dept and further to that, is it because of culture problems outside the football dept leaching in, because the managers, leaders and the HR team are unable to address it OR is there problem with culture originating with the football dept and is it leaching into other areas of the club?


HR is a big discipline and recruitment is a part of it, but it’s not the core of it. But you are right in saying that the HR team would have some oversight.

So let me try to understand what the consensus is ;

The CEO is no good, must go.
The Coach is no good, must go.
The President is no good, go.
The Footy Manager, go
All other coaches, go
The Performance Manager, go,
Head recruiter, go.
All the Board, except Catie, go.
Zaka, TBC, Myers, Bags, all go.
The Captain, go.

Looks like Sheeds and Del will be the only two left.

Maybe it would be easier if all you malcontents went and followed Whorethorn, with your love of Kennett, Clarkson and Mitchell.

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