CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell


yes I know


Sorry Xavier if reading this thread hurts your feelings.


Surprised we haven’t seen the membership fugures released from the club like we usually do every year.

I’m guessing they mustn’t be selling many.


Considering how poor we’ve been for nearly 20 years, I would say that everything apart from your last sentence is correct.


Note that people ■■■■■ to and about Xavier when we’re losing, but nothing when we win.





To be fair, I didn’t say anything when my child figured out how to face the right way on the potty either.


He CEOd much better this week.

You could see from the first minute of the game, players were hitting targets with their kicks.


Number 1 item on the agenda was to score the first goal.


Yeah look we’ll be strident in conceptualising our contingencies in that space.


I hope being the AFLs lap dog has been good Xavier. Because your decisions have sure crippled this club


Paul Little


CEOd awfully this week. That meeting was a joke, his memos all missed their targets and don’t even get me started on his e-mail inbox.

Will keep a running tally just so we’re not #acceptingMediocrity


People scorned others, when they questioned his marketing background as a CEO of a footy club.

It’s not hard is it, get football people running a football club.

Instead we have a corporate vision, running a corporation.

Go and read the COVER page of the annual report, says it ALL


Which one the Queen Victoria Market or the Prahran Market


Now your just trolling

The fish rots at the head. He helped get us into this mess by okaying the extension last season


@Stallion its over. X is not gon ive it to ya.


What a bunch of farking arsehats.



Is it bad I think that video is funny