CEO - Xavier "Drive Purposeful Innovation" Campbell



I’m just trying to work out what the point of it is.

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I’m with Mr Noonan here. Not only do I not see the point, I have no real idea what the frig is going on.

Didn’t even bother watching as i know it involves Black Soul Barrett.


Has he gone from driving purposeful innovation to purposely driving a Volvo?

I’d never wished the Men in Black memory eraser was a real thing, until after seeing that video.

What the actual ■■■■ was that?

What does it say on the screen?

7 news tonight:

“But I think in the context of where we sit, we’re very much alive. Our season is very much alive, we sit seventh on the ladder.”

Yeah X, we’ve been there before.


Will you still be donating to that children’s charity, sir?

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What is that smell, X?

It’s it just me or does that read like a Gill quote.


now we just need to wait for the apology to follow

It probably does. Xavier Campbell just regurgitates the canned sterile phrases he learned in his business course.

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Xavier is many things but oblivious is not one of them.

He knows they are no ■■■■■■■ chance whatsoever at finals and that the season has been dead for at least 2 weeks now.

He can’t really come out and say that though can he?


The salesman is doing some selling again.

What’s his messaging when we finish 12th.

I hate David Koch but atleast he came out at the start of the season and said that it was finals or bust for Hinkley.

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He said similar last year and Hinkley still kept his job.


I think the only thing that stopped Koch getting his way was the bean counters. For a club that is losing money hand over fist they simply couldn’t afford to pay out 3 years of what is one of the highest paid coaches in the comp. There was talk that there was a trigger or clause in it that could be envoked if they miss again this year

Hang on people want us to be more Kochy? I know it was a bad loss, but geez he clearly knows nothing about football.


Definitely don’t want him more like Koch but I wouldn’t mind him being less vanilla and actually say something of substance.
Even if he said “The last few weeks have been unacceptable and John will see us through to the end of the year and then we will conduct a thorough review of the whole club”

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