#cg2018 Sally's Pearson off


Has Channel seven gone full on cringy sucky too soon? 3 minutes in, and we already have deliberate out of focus lite and easy type stories with slow tinkling random piano playing. Next thing Jim Wilson. Oh the humaity!!

P.S Bruce really looks crook


Disappointing that Grant Hackett didn’t get a gig


Ahh the commonwealth games. A deliberate way to pump our tyres without America taking all our medals.


Can’t wait for us to show the Solomon Islands who’s boss. Fark those poor countries right? It’s like, build a swimming pool and learn to swim already, geeeesh


I hope the swimming team has a Barry.

Looking forward to the athletics and especially the marathon.


Why would you want to miss the women’s team doing the Chicken Dance, rubbing the faces of all those nations who can’t swim.


So if the Opening ceremony is showcasing all things GC, when do they do pingas, coward punch the bloke infront in line at the club and spend the night in the drunk tank?


I really dont understand why the comm games are still a thing. I hope the queen is very impressed with her subjects


Was there a schoolies bit in the opening ceremony?


Yeah they had a really old guy drooling over the young athletes and making inappropriate comments.

Oh wait, that was Bruce.


Carrara is a dumpster fire to get to and from even when the Suns can’t fill it.

At least the rain will put it out tonight.

Will be on the lookout for another annoyingly talented boomerang mate in the Table Tennis (Trent Carter).




Some of the competitors from places like Botswana and Kiribati are going to get the shocks of their lives walking down Cavill Avenue on a Friday or Saturday night.


Actually do serve a worthwhile purpose from an Olympics/ world c/ships viewpoint still though.


Which is what?




Is it just me, … or has Charlies head finally caught up with his ears??


Schapelle Corby to appear in the opening ceremony? Warwick Capper? Peter Foster (shady bloke who shagged Samantha Fox for a bit)?

All GC Konnekt Large!


“New Idea says we are divorcing”

“Hey Chuck, check out this app all the kids are talking about. It’s called Grindr”


Swimming at the Commonwealth Games is the biggest load of sht. A bunch of privileged wnkers from Sydney private schools curbstomping opponents from renowned swimming powerhouses such as Pakistan and Uganda. Fk off.