#cg2018 Sally's Pearson off


I’ve not watched a second of it but generally it’s the interviews and the profile that gets me.

“She was [gasp] coming up fast early on and [long gasp] I just knew I had to put in the big one’s. It’s what we’d worked on [gasp and hands on hips] all the early mornings and [gasp] I just hope my story, as a golden Aussie girl and a supermum [longer gasp] coming back after a year off, gets me a few New Idea articles and lots of endorsements for Super, fair trade coffee or tampons*”

*Varta batteries for male swimmers.


Did Jim Wilson say to Kurt Fearnley during an interview prior to the start of the opening ceremony something along the lines of whats it feel like to walk into the stadium for an opening ceremony??


The Scheissen about to hit the fan today


he would have smashed it


Wouldn’t be able to play AFLW though


I was not aware there was a country called Malawi, till they beat New Zealand in netball.

My life is enriched.


You probably knew it as Nyasaland…or would have if you were as old as me.

Northern Rhodesia = Zambia
Southern Rhodesia = Zimbabwe


Squash is a medal sport at the CG. Are there any courts still open in Australia? Does anyone play?


This thing isnt legit still going is it?


What, this year? Or period?


Nice to see that we are winning in a one horse race. Can’t wait for the closing ceremony.


I always thought squash was played by men in a really confined space amid the stench of other men’s BO, in very tight white shorts and imacculantlty combed hair.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that


Emily Seebohm with a nice win, not a big fan of her but she held on alright there.


I know it’s childish, but every time someone says C-Bomb on the swimming coverage I giggle.


Great game to play, not so much a tv spectator sport


who wants to watch boring ■■■■■■■ running/swimming when something interesting like hockey could be showed.

oh and btw that swimmings the same ■■■■ from last night you dumb ■■■■■




I ■■■■■■■ hate swimming. Its something you do not watch.


That Emma Mckeon is flaming amazing.


Basil and Ian Thorpe worst commentary pairing in history.