#cg2018 Sally's Pearson off


Kenyan runner in the 400 Meter women’s is stretching the eligibility requirements, methinks.


Bruce just said ‘hall tucked up inside Semenya’


Umm did a bloke just win that womans race


Semenya has long been a controversial topic. It’s a very very complex situation for women’s sport imo.


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Cone at me you happy little accident


I know her Dad, John, who also happened to play over 300 games for Glenelg in the SANFL - Aceman would of heard of him


The other girls didnt seem to happy after the race…


When do 800m runners go to the 1500 and win it in a canter.


Those 2 medley finals last night were amazing.

Chalmers and Campbell steaming home in the last 25m to win.


hollywood kisses yo


Semenya is a bit different kettle of fish than the Kiwi weightlifter who should never have been allowed in the door

Semenya has a biological advantage of being a half/half intersex but that is the advantage she was born with, just like Ian Thorpe was born with big feet and 7 foot basketballers being born 7 foot

They ran sex tests on her and found she was more female than male so hence she can race against the girls


Jesus, their poor mothers! :sweat:


The full results of the test have never been released, but it was leaked that she has no female reproductive organs, internal testes and a testosterone level more than three times the female norm. (May not be true, of course. But I think all competitors deserve to know) . How does one differentiate between social identification and genetic identification? I don’t know the answer to that, but I suspect no ovaries and functioning testes (in the sense of testosterone production) suggest far more male than female at a physical competition level.

But either way, I’m not sure they’ve decided she’s more female than male. It hinges more on the CAS ruling that testosterone hasn’t been proved to offer females an advantage and therefore putting a stay on the maximum testosterone levels allowed for women. That CAS ruling is typically nonsensical as steroidal doping with teststerone is therefore not an advantage? It also ignores that Semenya’s times collapsed when having to take testosterone reducing medication.

Personally, I don’t accept the Thorpe analogy as apt. Big feat, better oxygen efficiency etc are not contemporary with allowing male vs female competition. If we’re going to divide sporting competition into two gender-based classes then what defines those genders is the only relevant discussion.

I do feel sorry for intersex athletes because ultimately where we draw the line is to some extent arbitrary. They are caught in a terrible grey zone and certainly don’t deserve to be ostracised. Are they fast (or strong etc) females or not overly (relatively) fast males? It makes a hell of a lot of difference to lives - and not just the intersex athletes, mind you - which way that falls. I don’t know where the line should be. I’m not sure science does either.



Anything that can make England (okay, GB) look like ■■■■ in a sporting sense and at the same time give Peter Dutton the ■■■■■ must be a good thing. Although I haven’t watched a second of it, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the Commonwealth Games on account of the above.


No comment from the Minister for Immigration’s office yet.


I hope @Stallion doesn’t miss TRENT CARTER on Sunrise this morning.

Oops. I’m a day or so late.

Is looking to get into the quarter finals of the mixed doubles later this morning, though.




Those not watching the pole vault need to reassess their priorities. Eliza McCartney is on.