#cg2018 Sally's Pearson off


Glad to see England’s ability to var is as ■■■■ in hockey as in cricket.


Eliza McCarthy
Alysha Neuman
Nina Kennedy

Womens pole vaulting is in TREMENDOUS shape. Goodness me.


Could honestly have its own primetime show and I would never miss it.


All three won the gold medal of my heart.


I had no interest in the com games leading up to them. In fact I didn’t even know when they were on. But I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them every night after work.

And my kids have loved it too. Often choosing to watch the games over playing the PS4. Then running around outside participating in their homemade events.

Not sure I expected that impact.

And I’m not sure C7 expected the ratings they’re getting which are through the roof. They even said themselves yesterday they got double the ratings they expected and the games exceeded all their expectations.

Just a shame we have to listen to David Culbert.


The comm games is great to go to, managed to score free tix to the womens gold and bronze medal matches for field hockey when it was in melbourne, and I was still playing hockey. loved every minute of it. But when they wheel out geriatric dinosaurs like bruce and absolute neanderthals like basil im checking out. the only saving grace I had for the tennis was chromecasting from the app to the tv so i could get alternate streams.


Is it in the regulations you need to be blonde to play for the Hockeyroos?


And for the dutch


Women’s 100m relay selectors in full Essington mode.
Picked a girl whose barely been able to run due to sciatica and she broke down on the last baton changeover
Best part was she spent the whole interview with a smile on her face saying how great it was she made it while her 3 teammates stood there silently with angry expressions on their faces.


Haha just saw footage of that earlier. Team mates were filthy.


Watching the commgames final day let’s show a guy dying during the marathon.


Have to get that instagram pic first before he carks it


Also illustrates how the commentators are distracted by themselves: afterwards they were going on about how he fell apart in 30 seconds, when in fact he was weaving all over the place for many minutes to no comment. Especially odd given they’d seen people break already.

It’s similarly lame if you re-watch live news coverage of 9/11 — e.g. it takes many minutes before they realise the second plane was not a replay, despite it clearly striking at a different height.


Look up marathon fatalities. None for 60 odd years then multiple a year in recent times. The sports ■■■■■■.


What? Heartbreaking stuff for the Scot. Something has gone wrong (training or maybe his diet or his ‘fuel’ during the race) I’l a runner and have run 4 marathons (Gold Coast, Melbourne, Canberra and New York). Nothing wrong with the sport if you treat it with the respect it deserves.


He’s not dead. I don’t think. more a general comment on olympic marathon.


Been reported that he’s ok (or about as ok as one can be in the situation)


There are a lot of dickheads who don’t do the appropriate training and ‘run’ a marathon to say they have done it - they normally walk half of it.

i shed a tear for him. I’ve never gotten to that stage when running but know how much training he would have done and for it all to fall apart so dramatically, the poor bloke. If he recovers fully, he’ll need to go back to the drawing board because something has gone terribly wrong somewhere. Maybe it was too warm and he hadn’t conditioned himself appropriately enough, who knows. There are so many factors that may have contributed to this. But first, he needs to recover, and that takes long enough when you’ve run a perfect race, let alone what’s happened to him.


Is this ■■■■ over yet?


I’d say his fuel on the day. Hot and windy means you would need a much higher liquid intake. Shelley also said he was close to going down.