Champions League 2018/19




Years of watching Liverpool and Essendon have made me very guarded…


Dream start from my boys.


Arsenal 2
Napoli 0

Could easily have been 7-0

Nervous away leg to come.


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Mate, I won’t complain when you guys are using the Champions League thread next season :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


2-0 down inside 20 minutes and starting to look very ominous


Coutinho with a stunning strike. Tie well and truly over.


Yep. Now go Ajax!


Why did I get up this morning!
This will put me in a filthy mood all day


I’d be more filthy that they appointed Ole Molde on a permanent basis…


Ajax ahead


I’m filthy at Allegri not United. United were never going to get a result today, Barca are a million miles better than our dumpster squad


What a great morning - Juve once again showing that their pretenders amongst the big boys.


Pretty disappointing isn’t it


Disappointing. Pogba back to being next to useless, & Ashley Young, . fkn wut??

Need to get some quality into the squad. Here’s hoping they actually listen to the fekkin Manager this Summer, and he gets who he wants, :roll_eyes:


Hope the Glazers sell to the Arabs and we can clean out the squad


I’d be all for that, except I have morals & principles.

I’d rather fk off private ownerships totally and introduce salary caps.

It’s all ridiculous & obscene.


Soccer clubs have been privately owned since day dot so that ain’t going to change and there has always been owners of clubs who are wealthier than others and willing to spend. The only thing that’s changed is the amount


FC United of Manchester is the only Manchester club worth supporting