Champions League 2018/19


They are also some of the most racist in Europe which says something


Our Turin bus driver called all Italians from south of Turin Africans. Probably a lot of truth in that though.


Not really.

But throughout Italy and also Europe, people are extremely racist. People in Australia say we are a racist country, those people have obviously never been to Europe.


That goes for most Italian fans not just Juve ones. Across Europe in general we have found Italians to be one of the most racist along with the Germans.


Yeah, I did mean Italian fans.


Sod off, twat.




Through by the skin of our teeth


Fellaini with with match winner groan.

“We have no idea what to do. Just plonk it on Fellaini’s head for 90 minutes.”

Painful game to watch again against a team we should batter 5-0 on paper.


Go Juve and ■■■■ you barnz


Was a quality strike to be fair, back to goal, has to get it under control, turn and shoot, tucked into the far corner. But a club like Man Utd should be above playing football like that…


I remember a few years back when we made it to the round of 16 we would be like “oh, I hope we get Lyon or Porto or whoever”

Now 15 other teams are saying “oh, I hope we get Man U”



The fact is, MU have qualified. You write off Mourinho at your peril.


Yeah, but MU are going out in the next round. Been ages since we made it to the QFs.


Jose ain’t the problem, problem is much higher than him


I thought that for a while- but Jose is also a massive problem on top of those above him.

It’s just a massive cluster at the moment


PSG vs the Reds tomorrow morning promises to be a cracking CL game.

Mbappé & the ‘World Class Diving/Faking/Hypochondriac’ are likely to return for PSG, whereas Salah is starting to hit his strides and the Reds look to be firing up their engines.

Live at 5am (Tokyo time) tomoz. @smooth - will you be setting the alarm and getting up at 4am for the game? Any other mad Reds fans out there going to be watching live?


I want the spermers out of their. CMON Inter.


Out of their whats?