Changes for annual Dreamtime bloodbath

Man there really is just nothing to bring in to generate some excitement. Is Tex fit? Might Jones be available?

We could drop Shiel but for who, I’d prefer to give him a different role up forward and make him accountable to the number of tackles he lays. Swap him and perkins. I’m not watching if Shiel lines up in the centre again

Out: Kelly (balance of defence just seems to be cooked with him there)

In: tex

Hopefully Caldwell gets up.

Hind lav Reid
Redman Ridley hepp

McGrath parish Martin
Draper Caldwell Perkins

Merrett frang Hobbs
Guelfi Wright tex

Cutler shiel Durham Bryan

Out Shiel, In Voss. Don’t really care about the enormous gap between the 2 in talent.

There’s already a Changes thread Ivan.

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Oh, missed it

Thats OK.
No one is posting in it, so it requires some scrolling down.

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ivan just wanted to sneak in a best 22 bltn

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Needed a little dopamine pick me up. Didn’t work

Voss is injured.

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Isn’t it a mandatory 12 days out with concussion these days?

I go.

McGrath Reid laverde
Hind ridley Redman
Merrett Perkins martin
Wanganeen McBride hobbs
Tippa wright waterman
Draper Kelly parish
Heppell, Bryan,guelfi,Durham
Sub hird

In. Wanganeen,McBride,tippa(half fit is better than half the blokes in our team) hird

Out. Caldwell (inj) Cutler, shiel. Francis( should never play anywhere except marvel stadium)


Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Well we don’t have much choice. We need to do something different

Kelly as a tagger? It’s a bold move cotton

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Not bad at all - pretty close to what I was thinking. My main changes to your suggested team would be:

Heppell out. Bryan out.
Cox in. Phillips in

I know Heppell’s playing has improved over the past two weeks, but, he’s still slow as a wet week. Now that he’s made it to 200, and given the absolute leaderless rabble we have become on the paddock on his watch, it’s time to try another leader out as acting captain. Let’s replace him on the field with someone who has a bit of speed - such as Nik Cox.

For the captaincy, the usual suspects are Merrett and McGrath, but I’d be inclined to bypass them and nominate Peter Wright or Jayden Laverde as acting captain.

Nick Bryan didn’t do very much against Sydney. It’s a learning process for him. He’ll be a great asset to us (if we can hang on to him). For now I’d send him back to the Magoos for two or three weeks to work on his game, and bring Phillips back in now that he’s over his injury.

Was he subbed off with concussion? Thought it was his shoulder.

I think I’d go:

Hind Lav Reid
Redman Ridley Heppell
McGrath Merrett Durham
Martin Francis Guelfi
Bryan 2MP Hobbs
Draper Perkins Parish

Caldwell Cutler Wanganeen Hird

In: Wanganeen, Hird
Out: Shiel, Kelly

I’d want to see another week with Kelly out of the backline to see if it’s a fit issue, we were so much better down there against the hawks.

Shiel needs to be dropped.

We need some pace in our F50, don’t care if they’re not ready for AFL we are bleeding on the rebound.

Need a bigger body in Perk in the midfield rotation until Stringer and Langford recover

Can people please stop putting Tippa in the side.



BLTN why not?. Us supporters need some injection of excitement. He isn’t going to learn anything playing in our rabble vfl side , so he might aswell be playing for our rabble AFL side again
Plus Richmond will still give him a decent opponent

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I saw him at training, and he was blowing pretty hard after a couple of efforts in a drill.

He’ll be a massive weakness in defensive running.
His VFL form has been poor also.

I havent lost faith completely, but post Bye should be the minimum timeframe.

Tex in for Caldwell. Hobbs to play more midfield.

Cox re-injured himself yesterday so not much else to pick from