Changes for Dreamtime at the 'G

Unless there is an injury or suspension, do we risk making any changes?

If ambrose is fit. Need him for reiwoldt.


I think Myers and Colyer were our worst.

Maybe Hartley if Ambrose is fit but I wouldn’t off no vfl games.

Lang maybe? Ambrose lossibly.?

No change. Sit back and enjoy stability and selection pressure for the first time this century


Colyer beat Gaff, if he was in our worst I’ll gladly take that.

Only change would be Ambrose if he’s fit, I think that’s probably unlikely.


Colyer had a few scrappy kicks but was far from our worst. 20 disposals. 6 tackles.

Ran with Gaff a fair bit as well.

No way does he get dropped.

I’m not sure how their will be any changes unless injury/soreness related.

Hartley was excellent and it’s just not worth rushing Ambrose back even if he basically almost ready, quads you have to be conservative with.

And Matt Dea has been superb last few weeks as well.


Colyer killed Gaff. Gaff got a lot of cheap possessions in the last quarter.

But he had like 7 to half time or something?!

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OUT: Hartley
IN: Ambrose

Maybe Ambrose for Hurley if his shoulder is not up to it, loved Hurley’s game and kept playing with an injury tough as nails. So glad I named my dog Hurley as I get to call it a 100 times every day!


Think Parish could do with a rest, Langford in for Parish possible?

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Hurley has had jacks measure the last few times he’s played on him.

No changes. Unless forced ones like injury

Hartley stays in


Hope his shoulder is ok, nearly a certain win with Hurls!

None shall pass.

What was with the ice strapped to hooker??

I commented during the game he looked shot. Maybe a corkie?

Really happy McKenna and Zaka are off the chopping block. I was seething at McKenna turnovers at the beginning, but jeez he’s got some speed and skilz to work with.

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Parish could do with a rest IMO, has looked a bit flat lately


Hooker copped a blow in the third quarter. Initially thought it was an ankle injury.