Changes for F.C.F.C - 2023 round 13

Yep, needs to be able to run out a full VFL game or two before we bring him in.

Based on recent history, Brad tries to minimise changes. Philips for 2mp could be the only one.

need to request marquees for

Line In Sand
Jacket Waving


And steal Good Friday from North.

Play on the Winter Equinox and turn that into a marquee game.


No chance, unless he is injured.

I don’t think he gets a look in yet.
Not in place of Weed. Weed has more tickets at the moment (like it or not). And they’d turn to Flip if need be.
I still think they see Voss as backup for Stringer and Langford.

Yep he needs a injury or two, but then they would probably play Cox CHF, or Perkins

Apparently Kelly ended up with 24 disposals in the VFL but a few of those that went to the game said he still looked very rusty.

Not sure if they’ll bring him back in after that?

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I like worker bees like Sneilling.
Although he lacks upside development.

To advance the EFC need to play Tsatas . Tsatas can play anywhere not key position. He is fit and will become a champion. Drop Sneilling for him.

Not sure of Cox at the moment. He’s done ok these last 2 weeks in VFL but still looks like he needs to build a bit of body and strength. He also needs the extra experience playing on the backline. In his first year he was always on the wing but coming back from injury maybe his stamina needs to recover as well. His development will surely put pressure on Hind, Laverde, BZT and Kelly. It’s good to have some tough competition, especially if Reid recovers well and develops, and maybe his brother too!?

He was playing AFL game plan but kicking the ball 15-25m to guys like conforti who then turns it over with the next disposal isn’t great.

I thought he was solid, think he gets in ahead of Hind, unless we want to give Cox or Massimo a go.

norf had 2 big targets that caused us problems, as do other club’s forward structures. we’d be hoping that 2MP & weed provide 2 big forwards to target. stringer/perkins & langford mid-sized forwards, guelfi menzie, snelling at ground level.

I’m also sceptical as to whether weed can play this role. He’ll need to begin by showing some aggression when rucking. His major competition is flip, who also plays some complete shockers - although I thought he was ok yesterday.

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One thing that is understated with Hind is his kicking has actually been very good since the Brisbane game. He’s using his run as well.
I have him as an out because I think Jake Kelly fits into the back 6 more than Hind does. And we know Heppell isn’t being dropped.
The only way I see Hind staying in is if Shiel doesn’t get up.
He’s also not getting a small forward spot whilst we have Snelling, Menzie and Guelfi down there.

As players come back from injury (touch wood), we’re going to be getting closer towards playing guys like Hind, Mass, Flip and Tippa in the VFL rather than AFL.

Saw Scooter’s tweet about potentially dropping BZT for Baldwin and having a look at the match ups, it may be an option. Baldwin will probably be less likely to be pushed aside with marking contests which would offset the heigh differential I suppose.


With an even run with injury, it wouldn’t really surprise me if Cox didn’t play a game in the AFL side for the remainder of the season.

He really has so much more development that needs to occur both in his game and with his body to merit a spot in the side IMO.

Getting continuity, even in the 2’s is the first step though. Then lead into a big summer on the track and hopefully hit 2024 more prepared.


He is. So hopefully it’s only for 1 or 2 centre bounces in a quarter to give Drapes a break.

norf v saints should be given a marquee game each year to celebrate their ability to still exist despite 100 years of mediocrity.

Loser Clubs slog it out in Tassie


Weed needs more than a spell…….just put him out to pasture like Melbourne was attempting to do!

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our mids rucking to the opposition may not be as bad as Phillips hitting it straight to the opposition mids.

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… in exchange for tarps.

Too many people putting Hind as an OUT.
I get it, a little soft in the contest, has been undisciplined in the past.

He helps us transition the ball from out of dangerous situations deep in our D50.
Replace him with Kelly, and we start to look very pedestrian back there, with little imagination to move the footy.

Id be keeping Hind in the 22 this week.