Changes for GWS - desperately seeking transition

After a game where our midfield was smashed, and our half backs were unable to move the ball out of the backline for long periods we come up against GWS again - the midfield that smashed us in R1 for our worst loss of the year.

Would have to be some changes I think.

Stringer if fit for Langford
Gleeson if 100% (or Ridley) for Guelfi - and put Zaharakis back to wing.


Stringer in for Walla or Fanta
Gleeson for Guelfi

Stringer for Brown

Stringer and Guelfi will both play.

Langford stays he needs game time for next year.

Gleeson I want in but for who our backline is very solid.

Our midfield is the big problem which effects our forwardline.

Smith is a big loss as his pressure is enormous. Shiel has been a huge disappointment so far. He is the one that needs to lift he is a match winner but a shadow of what he can do.

Fanta stays just a bad game, he won’t have one like that again.

Walls big disappointment this season, he seems off no pressure like last year.

If they have any self respect and care for the club and what they are trying achieve…they will need to come breathing fire.

Not only for the last week’s performance but Round 1 ■■■■■ they served up against the Giants.




Gleeson for Geulf
Stringer for Langford

Bell needs to stick his ■■■ in Mumfords face when hes going for the ball and try knock him out.


Obviously we wait on the 2s, but Gleeson for Guelfi seems logical and gets zaka back up the ground. Downside though is less pressure through the midfield.

Fanta didn’t look fit to me I’m not sure he should play

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Correct. Seeya here around 5pm tomorrow.

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Myers Gleeson and Baguley played half a game.

Lots of good players in a big win over second on the ladder.


Not just that ( we were OK in Q1), we need some resolve to stick to a plan.

Only those 3 in contention it seems.

Effectively we have squad of 26 named for GWS.

The 22 who played Eagles + Zlarke, Myers, Gleeson and Baguley.

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Snelling surely gets his chance.

28 touches, 3 goals + 8 tackles.

EDIT: Just clocked that he’d be coming in off a 4 day break. So nah. But soon.


I think In time he will But just 4 days in between games is too difficult a task


Has played the level before.