Changes for next week, month or year. Who knows really

Zacka and bellcho out

McKenna and Phillips in

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I’ve had pneumonia and it knocks the ■■■■ out of you. Yes there are varying degrees of it, but even a mild case is hard to recover from. Can almost guarantee that when Smack comes back he won’t be himself for a few weeks.

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parish on ball for the whole game!! generates play… will spray a few but so what… more midfield power…

Is this legitimately an issue between Essendon and McKenna? You’d hope he plays next week

He fkn plays where the coaches want him to


Yep my mum had phemonia last year she was crook for almost 2 weeks I’ll be surprised McKernan plays

No bigger than asking a guy to Ruck solo without any preseason games

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Why are we still persisting with Myers… Oh sorry old habits die hard



There’s no one available in our squad that can bring into our forward line hat’s gonna make us kick over 100 points. That’s for the year

I’d bite the bullet and play Stewart. It at least gives us a genuine tall target up forward, even if he does no more than bring it to ground. We’re pinch hitting now, so let’s at least try someone who’s actually big enough for the role.


McKenna can’t be any worse than Fantasia


Well now we find out if much has changed.

An ordinary result. Some changes are reasonable. On top of that, without VFL I would imagine we need to cycle through players to try to keep them match fit.

So let’s see some of those tough calls.

Plenty of guys will be desperately hoping to get their chance.

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I agree that some one is needed while McKernan is out. If Stewart is ready then that’s awesome. But after so long out they would have to be conservative.

Other options.

I don’t think Harrison “Junior” Jones is tall enough to make a difference.

I’d love to find a way to plonk Cian McBride down there just to contest. But being rookie B makes that hard at present.

Nick Bryan would be very interesting. I know he is a twig. But he has height, talent, and knows how to ruck.

OUT: Bellchambers, Guelfi, Zaharakis
IN: Phillips, McKenna, Hibberd

The selectors took a risk with TBC today. Why not take a risk with McKenna on the HFF rotating through the middle! It is a season to experiment. Could be over before we know it.

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In: Phillips, McKenna
Out: Laverde, Guelfi

B: Saad Zerk-Thatcher Francis
Hb: McKenna Ridley Redman
C: Langford Stringer Cutler
Hf: Smith Hurley Townsend
F: Fantasia Bellchambers McDonald-Tipungwuti
R: Phillips Shiel Mcgrath
Int: Merrett Zaharakis Parish Snelling
Emg: Ham, Lav, Guelfi


Without VFL to play it’s going to be difficult to manage the integration of somebody like Stewart. What’s the conservative route?

He keeps training and doesn’t get match fit or they bite the bullet and play him.

I would just play him and soon. Maybe he plays only 50% game time but training is not going to get him match fit.

I wonder if you need to rotate the list just to keep people match fit. Bring Hams and Gleeson in this week, because you need your best 26 with a bit of form and fitness. You don’t want a guy coming in to cover an injury if it’s their first game for the year.

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I really don’t think Guelfi did too much wrong.
Came into the game in the second half, which is more than a lot of players can say.