Changes for Roos


The Stewart that I had in the top 8-10 on ground Friday night?


Based on performances. Green.


Green got 18 touches and 3 goals. TIPPA got 12 touches, 5 marks, 7 tackles and kicked 1.3


So Green did his job..stays in


Club: Hey Jobe, how about you have a rest for a week so you can come back in and be nice and refreshed.
Jobe: Okay, sounds good.
(one week later)
Club: Um Jobe, by rest, we meant 'you're dropped' lol.


Replace the slow guy that can;t kick 40m with the even slower guy that struggles to 30m :joy:


Mitchell Hibberd ruled out for the rest of the season for North. If we can't beat an injury ravaged, near bottom of the ladder side, it'll be a travesty...I mean again. Cause you know, Brisbane.


OUT: Hep (rest), Goddard (rest)
IN: Jobe, Stanton

and if Green is injured, bring in the Fridge or Lav


Do you work for Asada? You know changing the story to get the desired outcome...
Green got 2 goals and had 12 possessions. Tippa had 12 possessions and 2 goals.
Over the past 5 weeks Tippa has 10 goals and Green 3.


No, you watched the same game. Maybe you need to question your judgement


Shouldn't we be thrilled that guys in form and dangerous won't all squeeze in, rather than agonise about it. This is a good problem to have and waaaay better than not having to be unfair to anyone.


I don't mind this suggestion, as controversial as it obviously is


The fact we have won 3 out of 10 against them is lol-worthy.


We should beat the Roos but wouldn't be super surprised if it's close. They've been in a lot of games this year.


This is exactly the sort of game we lose. Just like Brisbane and is why we are not top 4 now. We need to pretend they are on top of the ladder.


I've loved Stants over the journey, and I hate saying this, but even after watching the VFL on the weekend I don't want him near the firsts while our season is still alive. Sure his numbers were impessive and he played a decent game but still looks cooked to me.


More likely one of us knows nothing about footy... could even be me, probably isn't though :wink:


Maybe follow the conversation a bit better.


Shinboner, spirit??

I always thought they were saying Shitboner!

That makes way more sense, .. but I'll stick with the latter ,..


Tankety tank tank tank … ??