Changes for Roos


North will be the toughest game we have left until the flag.

Get over this mountain and its all downhill skiing.

Go Bombers.


Its their grand final this weekend. We better be switched on.

I hope that they fold soon.


Hoping for another sell out crowd.

Love to see Laverde in but I reckon he'll play one more in the 2's.

Will be

Out: Bird
In: Watson


They used to be mostly abattoir workers ages ago when zoning was the real deal.


Get ready for the worst umpiring on the planet, happens every time we play these carnts.


There was one in particular that is ingrained in my skull from 2011, I felt like apologising to the people sitting around me that day I was that out of control at the umpires.


Ben Brown, please, for the love of all that is holy- someone beat him on Sat.


Ben Brown in the 2014 still kills me. We need revenge....we haven't got it yet!


Exactly green is a receiver who wouldn't get be best 22 in any other side. He was delisted for brisbane for the same reasons he should be delisted from essendon. Work effort defensively. Forget team structure. He's 1 off 22. Play s McClelland. Much quicker and would have a crack.




Was 200% confident pre game last week. I'm not even 1/200th of that this week.

■■■■ these basket case, relocation certainty, tin rattling ■■■■■ lifting for us


IN: McClelland


Explains the run down on Mitchell, and all the times we see him pushing up to the wings chasing blokes

Do you think its pure coincidence that our forward line has become so highly rated this year after being an absolute joke for a decade?

Also he was delisted because he rejected the offer they gave him

I know, I know "dont feed the troll"


Kicking 6 in the magoos, against one of the worst VFL sides, is worlds away from AFL level.


We are outside the 8 on percentage and are playing 17th.
Other games this weekend
3 v 5
4 v 7
6 v 9
12 v 13

and 8th is playing interstate

Think we all know what will happen this week


I picked we'd play well against Sydney and prolly lose to brissy 2 weeks out.
said we'd smash the saints before the game.
I have a bad feeling about this week. Very bad.

It's a game we normally lose


Shut up and drink your brandy.




That explains a bit. My uncle used to play for North way back before I was born and he used to drive a truck for the abattoirs. Apparently Jack Dyer was on the gate and my uncle despised him both on an off the field (according to my mother). He was a real thug.


Jack dyer was a policeman, wasn't he?