Changes for Roos


I thought he was underwhelming in the 2nd half. The others set the pace when the game was there to be won.


Simple. It sounds good with 'big boi', and that's the rage at the moment.


Not to mention how fkn hilarious the endless repetition is ...




...butts and a i cannot lie?


You other Brothers can't deny...


But still not quite as witty and hilarious as the pathetic Essington crew.

Personally, I'd have them all banned...and then a warning!


He was not an extra man down back. His man just sucked compared to him.



Who would Brad Scott least want to line up for us next week out of Green or Laverde ?

Im tipping the latter.


Begley has actually got some pretty decent vfl form to be fair, or is that just all made up?


He's been ok, developing, as could be expected. He isn't setting the game on fire or anything. But he shows a lot of promise. Gotta say he looks like a mid, to me.


Even just saying the word essington brings it closer


I agree. We looked a touch quicker with jobe out


He fades in and out.

but his hot flashes are devastating for the other team.

would've set up about 7 shots at goal in the 2nd half today.


Actually given the Tin rattlers backline he'd rather see LaVerde.
They have a bunch of medium sized backs but a real shortage (pun intended) of small defenders


if brad scott prefers it, then bring him in.


I don't want any changes that take speed out of the team. The main thing that's set us apart from the opposition and enabled us to beat the best is the extreme pace on every line - mckenna, Colyer, Green, Fanta, Tippa, with Bags and Parish and Gleeson not far behind.

And I forgot McGrath


I think Lav has Green covered in every aspect.

Better mark = Lav
Better kick = Lav
Better hand pass = negligible
Pace = I think Lav is quicker, longer legs
Tackling = Draw has Green ran anyone down Tippa style lately?
Move into midfield = Lav

What else can you compare?


Yeh looking at that list I'd say we need to bring Langford back.