Changes for Roos


And he has done all that at AFL level how many times?


Would be nice to finally beat these carnts, sick of losing to those tin rattling, povo, marshmallows.
Managing to sneak over for the day so fingers crossed.
As a side night how hard is Casey to get to and will I have enough time to get from Jihad after the game?


Would Watson and Bird be too much alike if both are in the side? Both rely more on handpassing than kicking?


Scratch that, last flight out is 9:10pm so probably won't be able to get to the VFL :frowning_face:


Isn't there some unwritten rule against quoting yourself? :yum:


You need a Bovril


Lav for Green
Watson for Bird.


18 times. And has scope for improvement being a 3rd year player. What we have with green is what we're gonna get.


Really? Why did we play McGrath round 1? Had shown nothing at AFL level...


We are not debating putting him in for someone who is already playing a role.


I hope the roof is open, just to ■■■■ of Brad Scott


Thought Bird was quite good and should not be dropped based off that game. Will never get 30 touches a game but his pressure work is excellent and he also hit up some really nice passes as the link player.

However the person he replaced is Jobe who was rested.

They may give Laverde a shot at the expense of Green or Stewart, I think now is the time to experiment a little. As a fit Laverde would make the forwardline even more dangerous. He is quick, mobile, applies pressure and can mark.

Tough decisions to be made, after a win like that you would expect no changes.


They will rest Hep I think and Jobe will come in. We have a lot of Ethiad games coming up so they will rotate the midfield players I think which is what they should do given they have a full list bar Brwon and McNeice to chose from this week. Best 22 changes every week but at the moment the defensive and forward units are getting consistently better by playing together so minimal changes should be made to that end. If there are injuries like for like can work although it is hard to see what like for like is with Green. It has been Benny in the past because he applies forward line pressure. Given how many goals Jackson has kicked I would give him a crack if Green is out. As for Lav would like to see him in, but he needs a couple of more VFL games to be the tank up.


I would be ok with resting hep. He has a set shot from about 40m out and couldnt even make the distancd. Give him a week off and have Jobe replace him.


Crumbing as a small forward - Green.
Picking up ball cleanly below knees - Green (unfair advantage to him there, even with his short arms)

Not saying Lav is not a potentially very good player
Just quite different to Green


I think this is a week where we don't want to lose any speed on the ground. North are a contested side and will not be able to cope with our speed across the board.

If green is fit, he stays in IMO.


By that logic, luey should be our fastest player then.

you also can't (well you can but it's not very compelling argument) lav has green covered for pace, cos I think he's quicker.

Also Green has played midfield in the seniors. has Lav done it yet in his return to vfl ?
Green is also a smarter actual forward. he can set up others.

In the long term If Lav gets his fitness up, then yes he will prolly come in for green, even by years end, If green doesn't continue to improve also.

But at present Lav is 3 games back, was his first full game back yesterday.
How about we just let him settle into what would be required of him at afl level, let him develop nicely (hopefully) for a couple more weeks there, then when we know for sure this year that he can replace Green across all facets, then do so.

If anything, Begley would and should be first cab off the rank to replace green. By reports he's been good across an extended period, and would be able to have stints in the midfield as of this week, if selected, unlike lav at this stage.


Does hepp, bj or Kelly need a rest?


I doubt Hepp will be rested. He'd have to really need it.


Begley was average yesterday so no