Changes for Sydney - who will make room for Myers

We will. And by 10 goals.


God i hope so we should be too quick for them slow fcks.

3 rd in the goal kicking and better than half the side in tackles. He is not a midfielder he’s a small forward.

We are missing the Smith of 2018. Ive only seen him once this year.


IN: Draper/Clarke, Fantasia, Myers
OUT: Belly (managed), Smith (managed), Langford

I’d also like to see Ham picked. If McGrath misses with soreness bring him in!!

Swans do not have a fwd match up that suits Hooker. We need him fwd. Switch with Francis.

B: Saad Ambrose Francis
HB: Ridley Hurley McKenna
C: McGrath Heppell Guelfi
HF: Fantasia Daniher TIPPA
F: Baguley Hooker Stringer
R: Draper/Clarke Shiel Zerrett

B: Zaka Parish Myers Redman

Just fkn win!

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This might be unpopular but Sydney is my most hated team in the AFL - worse than Carlton easily. Their whole team is a massive bunch of FIGJAM cocky tossers. I cannot stand any of them.

Buddy is a FIGJAM flog who brings his own rule book every week.
Dane Rampe is a massive MASSIVE flog
Papley has got to be most unlikeable player in the AFL
Nic Newman is a massive ■■■■■■ - couldn’t believe it when I saw he moved to Carlton. Perfect fit.
Heeney hasn’t really done anything wrong but cannot stand the fact that the AFL let the Swans have the best junior in the comp the year after winning the flag. What a fkn joke.
Kieran Jack… ■■■■ Kieran Jack.

They are a massive bunch of throttlers who take great pride in physically intimidating Essendon players every time we play them. I hope we destroy them.

Swans by 85, Buddy 9 goals.


Ok second attempt:

McGrath Ambrose Hooker
Saad Hurley Ridley

Redman Heppell Guelfi

Stringer Daniher Begley
Tippa Gown Fantasia

TBell Merrett Shiel

Parish, McKenna, Ham, Draper (if fit) or D. Clarke

In: Ham, Fantasia, Draper/Clarke, Gown, Begley

Out: Langford, Zaharakis, Francis, Smith, Baguley

Too many changes probably but i want the dead weight gone as much as possible plus Smith isnt right and Francis isnt fit

We will definetly win this week.

We sacked the Korean.


I think I only really dislike the swans because the AFL gives them extra money and the Umpires give them a 5 goal advantage at home.

That and the Andrew Dunkley eye Gouge and Locketts point.

Otherwise I like and respect how they go about their footy.

Mild knee hyperextension may feel sore and uncomfortable and can typically heal with rest in 2-4 weeks .

Either way I doubt Draper would be available this week.

If Bellchambers is out. I would consider bringing Hartley in to give Daniher a chop out in the ruck.

Lance pls

That was pure gold. Thank you.

Love, take a Bex and a lie down, that’s what my Mum used to say.

Maybe you could light three candles on a large plate on the table, have three glasses of scotch on the rocks then blow out the middle candle and sleep on the coach.

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Who’s the coach?

Bring in the three consistently best from VFL - their intensity at finally getting a chance will lift the team’s self belief -

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The blowtorch will be on our opponents this week. At least behind closed doors.

Sam Edmund going with the partial ACL tear for Draper on SEN just now. No reco, out for a while though you’d think.

■■■■ it.

In: Raz
Out: Langford

Last week we said this was one of our best teams we’ve put out in years. We had a shocker last week, let’s give them a chance this week.

Bags needs to play a lock down role on Lloyd so he gets a reprieve.

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They’ll be pushing Bellcho out in a wheelchair through the banner. Banged up and 5 day break with little to no ruck backup.


Only saving grace is Sinclair is pretty busted as well so you wouldn’t think the Swans will get any huge advantage out of the match up.

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