Changes for the Blues

B: Baguley - Hartley - Gleeson
HB: McKenna - Hurley - Redman
C: Zaharakis - Parish - Heppell ©
HF: Fantasia - Daniher - Begley
F: Stewart - Hooker - Tipungwuti
FOL: Bellchambers - Watson - Merrett
I/C: Goddard - Langford - McGrath - Mutch

Out: Colyer, Kelly, Laverde, Myers


In: Mongrel and fight
Out: choir boys


no changes for mine.


In: Some farken decent decision making


Laverde out

No one gets dropped in this side - doesn’t matter how bad you play. Colyer, Laverde, Myers - blessed!

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I’m no Langford fan, but it’s hard to imagine he’d be offering less that Myers right now.

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In: Green, Mutch, Begley, Myers
Out: Laverde, Colyer, Hartley, Langford


Might still sneak into 8th but we are not going to shape the finals. I think Redman should play at least once instead of Kelly, also Langford will probably be poached if he doesn’t play soon.

Watson, collyer, Lav and Myers even if he wasn’t injured. No idea who to bring in, but couldn’t be worse.

Langford should not have dropped he has been bent over bigtime and to many pepple know it

In: Stanton or bird
Out: Laverde.
Laverde has been a liability for 2 weeks now. Don’t understand ppl calling for Myers to be dropped- he has been important with clearance work. Stanton has been smashing the magoos for weeks now. Deserves another crack. And someone who can run minutes in the middle is what we need.


Myers, Bellchambers, Colyer out.

Luenberger, Langford, inanimate carbon rod in.

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Worsfold just doesn’t make many changes and prefers a settled side. Expect the same this week with two changes at most.

Out: Myers (inj) Laverde
In: Bird, Green

if he’s adventurous then Hartley for Ambrose but I expect Ambrosey to play one more VFL game

No waaaaayyyy Stanton comes in. Laverde, colyer, out. Bring in Begley and green. Move hooker back. Watson has to retire at years end and hopefully Goddard doesn’t get a contract.


The rod would do more than Myers.

Anyone else notice how flexible the Bulldogs midfield is? They support their defenders, they rotate forward, they run both ways.

Myers and Watson (sadly) are totally incapable of affecting the contest once a bit of chaos sets in and structures breakdown

Already has one.

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Out : Jobe (for good), Myers, Laverde, Trav, Bellchambers
In : Play the kids, season is shot so let’s see what we have


Out: Jobe, colyer, Myers, laverde

In: bird, Langford, green, Big boi