Changes for the Crows

Don’t know for who, but if Green is fit I’d like to see him come back in. To many of our guys lost foot races today.

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no changes for mine.

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Langford and zaka should be dropped. Hocking wasn’t great either but he gets some leeway considering it was his first game for over a year.

Merrett stewart or bird to come in. Green also an option if fit


I’d like to see Belly in to help Leuey and also to provide another option in a pocket.

Francis in for Langford please


Outs Zaka, Hocking, Brown,
Ins Green, Stewart, Hartley

Hooker goes back and frees up Hurley both get some form and confidence.

In: Green, Bellchambers, Francis
Out: Hocking, Brown Langford

If green not fit jerrett.

B: McGrath Ambrose Hooker
Hb: Kelly Hurley Goddard
C: Colyer Watson Parish
Hf: Green Daniher Mcdonald-Tipungwuti
F: Fantasia Francis Bellchambers
R: Leuneberger Heppell Merrett
Int: Stanton, Zaharakis Gleeson Baguley

Emg: Jerrett, Bird, Hartley

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My fear was all of Jobe, BJ, Stanton, Hocking, Howlett, and Myers getting games ahead of youngsters. Just get some game into youngers kids. Much, Begley, Francis and co.

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I am going to wait until we see a weather forecast.


In Hartley and Smack. They are undefeated


I am a Hooker back supporter but he won’t go back all year unless Stewart and/or Francis is coming in and kicking bags. You don’t make such big changes, spend a whole off season training him as a fwd, get Hartley and Ambrose settled only to swap Cale back in Rd 4.


Bannished: Langford, Zaharakis

Resurrected: Green, Jerrett

i’d wager an unfit Francis would add more to the team than Langford at this stage


I’m sick of guys with no intensity, who go missing when the game heats up.

In: Jerrett.


They’ve got Jenkins, Tex, Lynch and McGovern, so we probably need to play 4 of Hurley, Hartley, Ambrose, Brown and Dea. May not need all of Kelly, Bags, Gleeson and McGrath.

hasn’t mcgovern done a hammy?

Crows move the ball fast. They are going to dance circles around our midfield of Hocking/Watson/BJ/Heppell just for the fun of it.

Have to bring Bird in for a marginal improvement in pace. Probably for Hocking. Hocking didn’t get many possessiobs and he didn’t shut down that effectively either.

I am a Langford defender but maybe Stewart has to come in this week for the running power as well.

I am not sure how Stanton and Zaharakis have been using their exceptional running either - I struggle to notice them. Maybe Green for Zaharakis.

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That would certainly simplify things.

Bird brings pace???


Out: Langford, Hocking, Kelly (Rested - likely for all interstate games)
In: Stewart, Bird, Jerrett (if it’s a wet day, francis for stewart)

Bring in form. Jerrett can slot straight into Kelly’s role. When pops come back, Jarrett can move forward knowing he has form there.

Give Smack a run in the two’s in Stewarts position forward/relief ruck.

Would take two Crows players to stop him.