Changes for the purple spuds

Have at it

For mine Ham out, Stringer out inj

Bring in Waterman and Guelfi (Zaka to sub or trade with Guelfi)

Or even we can fit Ambo in somewhere but think he’s been down on form


no changes for mine.


We’ll lose this

Spewing that Stringer is injured because i was going to enjoy him rip North a new one

There’s just not too many options at all to being in.

Reckon in

Guelfi, Waterman


Ham, Stringer


Id like to give zaka a crack.

In; Guelf, Zacka
Out; Ham, Stringer


Ham for Guelfi sounds good.

With Stringer out now, we really need Hooker to deliver.

Otherwise I find it hard to see us kicking a competitive score.

Langford out!
Out? Langford.
Managed? Langford.
Omitted? Langford.
FFS, get rid of this bloke.
Guelfi in. Ham out.


zaka and guelfi in
ham and stringer out

fkn want to cannon langford but that means cutler comes in so uhhhhhhhhh

We don’t even have that option. He’s out with a calf for a few weeks.

Langford should be played as a permanent forward for a few weeks.

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Reckon I want Waterman in. For someone.

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oh well there you go

summon the h2o man

OUT: Stringer (inj), Ham
IN: Waterman, Guelfi

Ham must be omitted

That’s very generous of you.

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TABS will kick a bag

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Waterman in for Stringer.

Need to find room for Guelfi in the side.

Think we need to play Langford forward from now on.

Simplify that to Guelfi in as a starter and Langford to Stringers forward spot

Is Waterman even fit yet?

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