Changes next week v scum aug 24

In ryder hurls nlm colyer hams

Out nob jetta kommer pears tbel

what about myers?

I thought kommer wasnt that bad. I would drop Stanton before him

Out - Jetta, Obrien, Zaka, Heppell (Inj). ■■■■ poor attitude.


In - Hams, Stienberg, Ryder, Myers. Some intent to give it a go.





Baugley out for me(amongst others)


His disposal is worse than Hardinghams.

Yes myers in.for heppell as well

Pears tbel jetta nob were shockingly bad

Had a few mates though

Lack of ticker today apart from hocking jobe joe melk

I am starting to think Kommer is starting to become a bit of a liability.
Yes he applies pressure. But seldom does he actually stick a tackle, he doesnt kick many goals, and he doenst get much of the ball.



Id rather have an extra midfielder in the team over the role Kommer is currently trying to play. He has a great work ethic, and I reckon if he were to play a bit in the VFL and learn how to accumulate a bit more ball he could be a very damaging player. But just not doing enough at the moment I reckon.


Keep Daniher in the team. We need him to be somewhat viable as a best 22 next season if we are to be any chance of anything IMO.


Crameri is a bigger, more athletic Monfries, but with half the brain. I would trade him if the price is right. He might pull a couple of great games here and there, but I dont think he'll ever play with any great consistency.


Play zaharakis in the forward 50.



Kommer did twice as much as NO'B, and was entertaining as well.


Ultimately it all comes down to, for a while earlier this year, we had as good a midfield as anyone. Then for various reasons, notably injury, it fell apart, and we realised the forward line was effin' useless when not being carried by the midfield.


Plus there were some bizarre selections and setup for the forward line (the 5 forward thing today was new for us, and Hibberd getting a few touches as the seventh man down back did NOT make it worth it).

The following out and off the list at the end of the year: Pears, Baguley.  They make Trevor Spencer and Brian Whitten look like champions!  My one year old son has better skilss than both of them.


In: someone who can hit a target!

Sorry for typo mistake.  I mean skills.

Bring in nat rat!

In ryder hurls nlm colyer hams
Out nob jetta kommer pears tbel

kommer?? really?? only bloke at the moment that understands what 1% is. Blocks, sheperds, chases, annoys opposition....

In: NatRat, Hurley, Hams, Davis, Browne, Myers, Kavanagh 


Out: Jetta, Zaharakis, Pears, Baguley, Howlett, O'brien, Heppell (inj)

On VFL form NLM, hams and Stein should be considered.

But at the same time do we want keep making so changes to the team so close to finals.

Kommer and Baguely were good today I thought.


We needed way more effective play from Zaka, Jetta, Crameri, Pears, Hardingham, N'Ob, probably Howlett (give him the benefit of the doubt).


Losing Heppell was no good at all because our midfield disposal relies heavily on him and Watson. Probably too much so.


Todays game emphasises how important a fit Winderlich and Dempsey are to leg speed and depth.


Hurley also out, but probably needs the rest for his hands. Also, No Myers, we need a fit Myers out there.


I thought Goddard was great, he fumbled, but so did Watson, both had a lot of the ball today.


Stanton went under the radar, played well, needs to find more confidence though and rid the fumbling from his game.


Daniher has to be our key forward now. He looks so natural up there and has the skill of a classic forward. Just needs to work on being confident when lining up for goal.


With our A side out there and no injuries we are more of a chance. But you still want confidence from players coming out of VFL. Especially from guys like Jetta.

who really cares. it's not going to change anything, who we bring in.

In: Hurley, Ryder, Myers, Kav!

Out: O’Brien, Jetta, Heppell, Howlett

B: Baguley Hooker Pears

HB: Dalgleish Carlisle Hibberd

W: Goddard Watson Zaharakis

HF: Crameri Hurley Kommer

FF: Hardingham Daniher Davey

RR: Bellchambers Stanton Hocking

I: Myers, Melksham, Ryder SUB: KAV!

Baguley Carlisle Pears

Dalgleish Hooker Hibberd

Goddard Stanton Myers

Melksham Hurley Crameri

Davey Hille Jetta

Bellchambers Watson Hocking

Howlett O’Brien Lovett-Murray / Kavanagh

Hams isn’t ready.

In two true EFC ppl in Hille & NLM…

Freshen up Kommsy…

In: Ryder, Hurley, NLM, Kav, Myers

Out: Heppell, Jetta, NOB, Bellchambers, Howlett