Changes: Round 3 Dogs

First interchange!

Mark Stevens is tweeting that there’s some kind of injury news for us with players having had scans today.

Anyone know about it?

Our injury report said it’s all great news. Fantastia and McNeice looking like they’ll be available this week

the short news preview was hurley and smith coming out of getting scans.

just ■■■■ me up fam

Bombers saying Hurley and Smith had scans as a precaution and both are expected to play this week.

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On the Doggies side, apparently Trengove will miss this week and Roughead is in doubt.

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Last year we beat Geelong after returning from Perth


yeh, well considering we should have won in a trot, the
coaches are probably right.
Smith was good and at least Stringer showed a bit of fight
which others didn’t.
at one stage F. were bringing it out of defence on the north flank.
F. players spread to the south flank.
at least two of our boys just watched as they went, no-one chased
them , obviously across went the ball for an easy transition into
So my point is this You can play anyone you bluddy
well like but it wont work if they don’t bust their gut, Have a plan
,work out what the opposition is doing and stop them if you can
and you have a good chance of winning


Hey!! Don’t let any facts get in the way of a good gloom now …


He’s a dogs supporter so anything to help the dogs.

Not surprised Hurley has gone in for scans. He hasn’t looked physically right in the first couple of rounds.

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I honestly couldn’t give a ■■■■ who comes in and who goes.

It’s not a personnel issue holding this club back it’s a ■■■■ mentality and culture.


Fantasia in this week.

Ambrose will come in as relief over that 10 stretch starting anzac day and so will laverde i reckon. justin crows update was great.

outs. hmm maybe walla or green for fantasia I think.

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You know what you are 100% correct. I unfortunately see a lot of individuals doing individual things and being applauded by all and sundry.

Every single player without exception should have 6 tackles per game as a mantra. There is so much fluffing around , so much irrelevant running and pretending. Start to run at players and put tbe ■■■■■■■ fear into them.

Our club does need to stop tbe talk and now do the walk and it really needs to get a tougher harder edge


Oops. Been a long day…

Agreed. Mindset & attitudinal.

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A great question! We know he’s almost equally as good back there. Makes a lot of sense to throw him back if he’s not getting into a game.

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7 and a half times out of the last 12 we’ve lost coming back.

also yet again you’re obtuse minds equate being crap = losing.
that’s not what he said or meant.

but hey, don’t let facts ruin your wrongness on both fronts :slight_smile:

I don’t necessarily think our midfield issues are size; it’s hardness and work ethic.
Tom Mitchell isn’t a 6 foot 4, 90kg unit yet he will do anything to extract the pill, same with Ward, Selwood, Neale, Oliver, Crouch, Sloane…
The difference between them and our midfield is desire; desire to hit, block, spread, tackle.
I was stunned to hear Smiths 13 tackles on the weekend were the most we’d had in a game in something like 10 years, that’s extraordinary!
I don’t know if Baguley can play mid but he’s one that could help bring that edge to the centre square.